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1136 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. sm. III. GH. 146. 1915. chase of furniture, cases, stationery, and fittings; for expenses of making copies of military manuscripts m other libraries, an for contingent expenses not otherwiszprovided for, purchases to be made in open market on the written 0 er ·of the supermtendent, $@,200; ‘ d£g¤,jj:_g;¤*, ¤°¤· For contingent funds, to be expended under the direction of the ° academic board: For instruments, books, repairs to apparatus, and other incidental eigienses not otherwise provided for, $500: ggéhigggl Pu., Provided, That technical and scientific supplies for the depa.rtmp ments of instruction of the Military Academ s all be purchased by contract or otherwise, as the Secretary of Wyar may deem best. M¤¤¤¤ www Purchase of instruments for band and repairs to same; for purchase of reeds, ads, strings, and other materials necessary for brass, wood, wind, and, string instruments; for purchase of music stands and other equipments; for purchase of music for military band and orchestra and for extra parts; and for contingent expenses not otherwise provideddfor; all to be purchased in open market on order of superinten ent, $1,500; “_I•¤¤¤¤¤‘· ¤¤=¤•¤· Repairs and improvements to the laundry machinery and apparatus in the cadet laundry, and the purchase of new material, adding machine, tools, and so forth, to be expended without advertising, $1 800; r {Repair` and urchase of utensils, chairs, tables, and other furniture in tile cadet mes, an the replacement of same, to be ded without advertising, to be immediately available, $3,000; P¤¤¤¤¢· _ $2-dthe writ barraplcalislcand bathhouses, $11,410, $400 of which is m e 1mm a av ; 0**** *’¤¤‘¤=¤ For supplying ligllt anccgglain fumiture to cadets’ barracks, $2 850; °*‘“‘*'°°’”°*'°°‘· For mamtaimng the dren’s school, the Superintendent of the ‘ Military Academy being authorized to employ the necessary teachers, $4,120; F*'°P'°°°°“°"· For urchase and repair of fire—e ` a aratus, $1,000- §y_,‘;g,,_ Pmvl,ded That section thirty-six hun and fgtty-eight, Revised s.s,¤•¤.:ms,p.m. Statutes, shall not apply to subscriptrons for foreign, professional, and other newspapers and periodicals, to be paid for from any of the foregoing appropriations; ,,§,,‘g§,§_“‘“¤’ °°" surnames Ama erzomms. °“”“°°° ““”°“'“· For eases materials iitt' fixtures and other a liances and bctatcrymtc. » 1 1 y h reprairs for ordnance museulrliglsn headquarters buildingP$1,500; or repairs to ordnance laboratory and other buildings pertaining to the department of ordnance and gunnery, and materials for roads and walks, and for repairs to machinery and tools, $150; For general repairs to the cadet laundry building, and for emergency mcrdental expenses about building, to be expended without advertising, $400; _ _ _ For general mcidental repairs and improvements to the cadet store storerooms, office, tailor shops, and shoere airing o $ ; ““‘”""'*'°'P“‘L %'or mathirdls and labor for re airs, alterations, and additions needed at the soldiers’ hospital, as Billows: Purchase of suitable incandescent lights, dro lights, tubing, mantles, and so_ forth; for paraflin and turpentine grr waxing floors; for brushes, paints, glass, putty, and for general re airs; for materials for rebronzrng radiators; and for purchase of Eowers, fruit trees, shrubs, plants, and so forth, for hospital grounds, $165; For putting porcelain·lined sink in dispensary and kitchen, $221; For the repair and upkeelp of quarters of the sergeant, first class, HoI•spital_Co;Es, at S0l(l.l;B1'S, ospital: d ormisc usmmorreairsan eralukee of uarters, and so forth, $75; P gm P P q