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104 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 6. 1913. for a continuous carrrag' e or ment from one State or Territory of the United States or the Disstrhirisit of Columbia to any other State or Territory of the United States or the _D1stnct of Co umbra, or from any place in the United States to an adjacentforeign country, or from any place in the United States through a foreign country to any other place in the United States. _ _ _ __"R·¤r¤•<i",,•¤¤ The term "railroad” as used in this Act_shall mclude all ME ¤z¥·:·il°°'°°°° °°°` and ferries used or operated in connection with any railroad, and all the road in use by any corporation operating a railroad, whether owned or operated under a contract, agreement, or lease; the term "tr·a¤sportation" shall include all mstrumentalitres of shipment or carriage. E¤P*°>"¤ ¤*•¤'¤*· The term "em loyees” as in this_Act include persons actually engagedp in any capacity tram operation or train service of any escrrptron, and notwithstanding that the cars upon or m which they are employed may be held and operated lgjghe carrier under §Q‘{"’§· 1,,,,,,, ,0 lease or other contract: Provided, lwweegcr, That Act shall not be MM ¤¤!i&··¤¤— held to apply to employees of street railroads and shall apgy only to

~_•g employees engaged rn railroad train service. In every s case the

¤¤.°” °° carrier shall be responsible for the acts and defaults of such employees Emthosaérrerplanneriandto thespmeupengdaingvam clans were owned itan said emoyees tyempo yi,»an an rovkions tdthe contrary oi):anysuchlcaseor·officrcontr·actshal?rliia binding only as between the parties thereto and shall not affect the obligations of said carrier either to the public or to_the private parties concerned; Vw ¤f*¤·¤=•- A common carrier subject to thetlprovrsions of this Act is hereinafter referred to as an " employer}? and e emplogeesof one or more of such carériers2are'1_§]11¢;:rcirrafter referred to as "employees." ho sam or ltsdhtiou mo. . t whenever a controversy concerrung` w es, urs of ‘“€,,$ 1,,. labor, or conditions of employment shall arise betweerigan em loyer

•°lg =¤g1Q>;={; gg or- employers and employees subject to this Act interrupting or threat-

¤r¢iJ°£l ening to interrupt the business of said employer or employers to the serious detnment of the public interest, erthertparty to such controverstylrgray applyto the Board of Mediation an Conciliation created by Act an mvoke its services for the purpose of bringing about an amicable adjustment of the controversy; and u n the request of either party the said board shall with all practicable expedition ut itself in communication with the parties to such controversy and slilall use its best efforts, by mediation and conciliation, to bring them to an ,,§,§‘§;}“*$f"' °"°'°' agreement; and _1f such eEorts_to about an amicable adjustment thrgréglr mediation and conciliation shall be unsuccessful the said bo shall at once endeavor to induce the parties to submit their cgntrgrxersy to arbitration in accordance with the provisions of t is c . P;:¤¤¤¢¤·r·¤¤••i¤ In any case in which an interru tion of traflic is imminen °" °°°“ fraught with serious detriment to izhe public interest, the Borir·dJh(i Mediation and Conciliation may, if in its judgment such action seem desirable, proifer its services to the respective parties to the con. troversy. 0v¤¤¤¤¤= ¤¤>¤sr¤¤- In any case in which a controversy arises over the meaning o th ments. . I' 6 application of any agreement reached through mediation under the provisions of this Act either arty to the said agreement may apply to the Board of Mediation and Conciliation for an expression of opjnron from such board as to the meaning or application of such agreement and the said board shall upon receipt of such request give its opmron as soon as may be practicable. wswescrnumwu Sec. 3. That whenever a controvers shall ar-iso between an °‘°""’°‘ employer or entgoyers and employees suliject to this Act which can not be settled ough mediation and conciliation in the manner pro-