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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. ssss. 1. oss. 32, 33. 1913. 233 For fees of clerks, United States courts, $330. For fees of commissioners, United States courts, nineteen hundred and twelve, $5. For fees of witnesses, United States courts, $27. uomnmirr ro comrnuoiurn rim womm or rim crvrr. wm. w§f¤°¤ °' uw CM To make payment of a part contribution to the acquisition of a site mg,$'¥,,°T'“l ”‘°”°' and the erection thereon of a memorial in the District of Columbia to m‘f,°g*`j*,}l*‘g*_‘ff°¤ '°* =i*•· commemorate the service and the sacrifices of the women of the United ` States North and South, for the sick and wounded in war, $400,000; Provided, That said memorial shall be a building monumental in de- usmiissasssasa sign and character and shall be used as the permanent headquarters °‘°°°*“’°“*1°”°°”· 0 the American Red Cross and shall cost, with the site, not less than _ _ $700,000: Provided further, That the sum hereby appropriated shall ,,,,,,°{,‘{f‘“"°” °‘ P*¥* not be payable until there shall have been assure y private subscription an additional sum of $300,000: Provided further, That the,°,8·{;;¤ to •m¤¤v¢ money hereby appropriated shall not be plaid for andy site nor toward P ' the construction of any memorial unless the site an plan for the pro- · posed building shall have been approved by a commission consisting °°"““'“‘°"· of the Secretary of War of the nited States, the chairman of the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress the chairman of the House Committee on the Library, and the Slpresident of the American Red Cross. The plans of said memorial all likewise be approved by the _ Commission of Fine Arts. The expenditure for said site and memo- rial shall be made under the direction of the commission consisting ` of the Secretary of War the chairman of the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress and the president of the American Red Cross, and the said memorialshall be constructed under the supervision of an omcer of the Corps of Engineers appointed lg the Secretary oi: War, who shall act as the executive 0 cer of the commission: ProvMedBfurther, That the title to the site pfocured shall be taken by m'1`*¤¤» ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤» and the .thereon shall be puproperty of the United ` States, but the erican Red Cross shall at times be charged with and be responsible for the CMB, keeping, and maintenance of the said memorial and grounds without expense to the United States, sublj ect to such further direction and control as may be provided by aw: _ And mrided further, That should the commission ereby created be ,§.°""°"‘“‘"°” °’ unablerto acquire a suitable site at a price deemed by the commission to be fair, it is authorized to institute condemnation proceedings m v,;_,,,,_m_ accordance with the provisions of the Act of Congress approved August thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninetyb&rov1ding a site for the enlargement of the Government Printing ce (United States Statutes at Large, volume twenty-six, chapter eight hundred and thirty-seven). Approved, October 22, 1913. mu. sa Granting permission to the city or Mssshssia, oregon, ¤¤ °°°‘}§‘i’,§;,‘°‘“· close Mill Slough, in said city. Be it enacted the Senate and House of Re esentatives of the United Mm sb 0,,, _ States of Amerilcliz in Congress assembled, _Thht Mill_ Slouglli, a tidal ’1g,•:=*¤¤¤usii'¤= wiritributaxy of Coos Bay, l within the limits of the city of arshfield ' State of Orvggon, is hereb;§eclared to be not a navigable waterway oi the United tates, within the meaning of the laws enacted by Congress for the reservation and protection of such waterways, and the consent of go ess is hereby given to the filling in of said slough by the said city of Qarshfield. Approved, October 23, 1913.