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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 52. 1914. 315 General enses: The Secre V of the Treas is authorized to ·‘¤’°*¤**°°*°¤*l Rwpay the Ar:xh1Ptectural Record Ctdigaany, of N ewulibrk City, the sum Ord C°mpmy` of $27.50, for fifty-five copies of The Great American Architect Series, furnished in the month of March, nineteen hundred and eight, from the unexpended balance of the appropriation for "General expenses of public buildings, nineteen hundred and thirteen.” nrwenavme mn rnnrrme. p,P,§§,;°"““ ““° For salaries of all necessary employees, other than plate printers S“l““°“‘ and plate fprinters’ assistants, $64,048, to be ded under the Pmm direction o the Secretary of the Treasury: Providg, That no portion Large acm. of this sum shall be expended for printing United States notes or Treasury notes of larger denominations than those that may be can— celed or retired, except in so far as such rlprinting may be necess in executing the requirements of the Act " o define an fix the staiidrard V9- 3*- P· *5- of value, to maintain the parity of all forms of money issued or coined by the United States, to refund the public debt, and for other purposes, ” approved March fourteenth, nineteen hundred. W For wages of plgte printers, at piece rates to be fixed by the '“°‘ Secretary of the as1u·y, not to exceed the rates usually [paid for such work, including the wages of pr·inters’ assistants w en employed, $187,150, to en ed under the direction of the Secretary F _ of the Treas1u·y: Pr , That no portion of thissumshall beex— Lugeriotu. pended for printing United States notes or Treasury notes of larger erpominatiplns than those {hat may be canceled or igltired, except in so arassu prin may enecemarymexecu e uirements of the Act to daialiiag and fix the standard of vailrii to the V°L ”·"“· parity of all forms of money issued or coined by the United States, to refund the public debt, and for other pruposes, approved March fourteenth, nineteen hrmdred. For engravers’ and printers’ materials and other materials except M“'°’“"‘*°‘°‘ distinctive paper, and or miscellaneous expenses, including purchase, maintenance, and of necessar& horses and vehi es, and of horse and vehicle for o cial use of e director when in writing ordered by the Secretary of the Treasury, $33,952, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury. For mechanical equipment, machinery, furniture, and fixtures m_§`}{jg.§*d,g8f*°·» M for the new building authorized by Act of Congress approved May vu. ss,p.a1o. twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and eight, to be expended under the du·ection of the Secretary of the '1‘reasury in connection with the sum heretofore appropriated for these pruposes and in such manner as to complete rn every detail the equipment and furnishing of said building, $190,000, or so much thereo as may be necessary. rvanrc nnanrn srznvron. ,,,§°“"°° H°°m‘ B"` For fuel, light, and water, $4,000. F°°l*°°°‘ For maintenance of marine hospitals, iaaiadiaghaabaaaaaaaa and ,,,;‘,,¤*,,;*:·,•,,*;SP**·*¤· for all other necessary miscellaneous expenses, whic are not included under special heads, $11,000. Study of Hpellagru: For rental, equipment and maintenance of s °*“d’°"’°““"°‘ temporary eld hospital and laboratory, including pay of personnel, for sipicial studies of pellagra, $47,000, to continue availa le during the al year 1915. rim-savme smzvrcn. www SMM For an additional amount to reimburse the appropriation of the ,,,,§;""*"‘°" °" Life-Saving Service on account of expenditures therefrom fox·_ con- R¤i¤¤¤¤¤¤¤•¤M¤r- struction and repair work made necessary by reason of extraordinary