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512 SIXTY·THIB.D CONGRESS. Sess. II. Crm. 147-150. 1914. of the provisions of the State highways act of California, upon and across the United States 6shery_reservation at Baird, Shasta County, Cplggnmna, according to a location to be approved by the Secretary o mmerce.

  • ¤"**"”'*‘· Smgg. That this right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby

expr y reserve . . Approved, July 17, 1914. {§{,§?,;3gj· mclpwa:. 148.-A:n Act To increase me limit of cost ot the public buuaiuget Smyrna, [Public, No. 134.] ` Be·it enactedby theSe1uzteandHmzaeey`Repreaen¢ativeso the U ited Srmrmlint ’¤}°Zl;,,t 1,. States of zlmeriea in Congress assembled, That the limit of {ost hel·Leto—

· P°”“° l’°“d‘ fore flixed_b(Kn(;ongress for thespurchase of a site and the erection of a

pgblic bunl for a United tates post office at Smyrna, Delaware, , and the same is hereby, increased from $25,000 to $35,000. Approved, July 17, 1914. July 17, 1914. [H. n. am.; mu, 140.-An Act To permit sales by the supply depmmepu er the Army to " —‘[PubHc’ Nm 1%] certam nuktuy schools and colleges. Be€tenactedb·ytheSe·nateandHm¢aeqf'ReF{1r·eaenla¢1` fthe Umled Army. 7268 0 ¤¤¤¤ sf. mppg of America in Oowreaa assembled at, under h regul · &EF" tions as the Secretary of ar may prescribe, educationalirizstitutioiils to_ which an officer of the Army 18 detailed as rofessor of military science and tactics may purchase from the War Department for cash, for the use of their mxhtary students, such stores, supplies, materiel of war, and military publications as are furnished to the Army, such pm, pnales tpl (bgd at ghe price tglizhe Army with the cost of transportahwan. OH =_ ,_ at mono ed f th l f

 zszssasaeezzast e ·~».··~*     mic;

· _ _ _ w c an 0 cer 0 e t ` fessor of science and tactics shall res£pc1livlg1y revegtd ll; tllllgt appropriation out of which they were ougm y expended and shall be gpplied go Es purposes for which they are appropriated by law. pprove , y 17, 1914. July 17, 1914. · gg. R, em,] 150·—A¤ Act T 0 restore First Lieutenant James P, Barney, mtimd to the —·——-—— c' Nm B6`] active hat of the Army. ’ B&'u¢7ldd0dbQl[th6S8'IlGt6 indH R mga;4 · jgg,g_,,»_M%..,__,, Ee».;_.»; gmerwa et, cmp; ·»..4“»‘e§7zi3L5ri.’§2“th. ¤»$Z.i’i.‘f£.f€”tE“.“.’1} mumto, camm e is ere yi authorized to restore Fust eutenant James P. Barne retired, to the active list of the Army of the United States with tile rank of first lieutenant of Cavalry, his name to ap ar on the active gz.-agr of mmm lust of the of the United States next below tlligat of First Lieu- ,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,d_ tenagt ljranciasmd. Iéugglesz Promded, That the number of officers shall

   “.?¤z..r° $$22 p.-t.m’§i§Z°$§.‘Z0¥£ti.';l‘.°t.¥’§S“g°.{’* i}“;‘€.&‘;“‘ P’”’f,,,.

· r _ _ _ 9 uc have passed a. physical exarmnation for romotibb to the Omccr ve1,zt,p_m_ , P grade of first lgxlpgitleanlggt, pstplresgrxlzedfbg regulations of the War Department imder o e c · hundred and ninety- o ongress approved October first, eighteen Approved, July 17, 1914.