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534 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Ssss. II. C11. 191. 1914. Eastern High School: Janitor, $900; laborers—one $420, one $360; ° ll, $1 680; _ mgtevens School: Janitor, $900; two laborers at $360 each; in all, $1 620· McKinley Manual School: Janitor, $900; engineer and instructor m steam engineering, $1,500; assistant engineer, $1,000; two assistant jianitors, at $720 each; iireman, $420; two laborers, at $360 ach; $5 980; Ar1:listron;1Mai1ual Training School: Janitor, $900; assistant janitor, $720; engineer and instructor in steam engmeem§, $1,200; assistant e eer $720; two laborers, at $360 each; in $4 260. M Streeill§‘gh School and Douglass and Simmons Schools: nee:1,]7$1,000; janitor, $900; laborers-one, $420; three, at $360 eac ; ° $3 400. mBirney’ and anne Emery, the new Mott, Henry D. Cooke, Van Buren, and Six janitors, at $840 each; six laborers, t $360 eaclr in $7 00. ° ai Brookland: Bryan Congress Heights, Curtis, Dennison, Force, Gage, Gales, Garfield, Garnet _Grant, Groyer Cleveland, Hem·y Johnson and annex, Langdon, Lincoln Lovejog, Mmer, Monroe and addition, Peabody, Seaton, Sumner, Wlebster, trong John Thomson Schools :hTwer;H-gour jagiitors, at $720 each; twenty-four laborers, at $300 eac ;in 24 48 . Abbott Bennmg` (white) Berrett Sa les J. Bo n B htw d gina F. Cook, G;;r;;h, Denk Ra.r:]¢ialg,7 gyyphax andnlI‘en1e$gSchd)<i)lsi n 'auito 700 eac ; in 00. Avdlauis, Adsndsonh Ambush, Amidori, Anthony Bowen, Arthur, Banneker, Bell, Blur, Blake, Blow Bradle , Brent, Briggs, Bruce, Buchanan, Carberry, Cardozo, Chevy , Corcoran, Eaton, EdJI].\1I.\dS,·ECkl§tOH, Fillmore, French, Gamson G1ddings, Greenleaf Harrxson, ayes, Hilton, Hubbard, Hyde, lsaac Fairbrother, Jackson, Jones, Ketcham, Langston Lenox Logan, Ludlow, Madison, Magruder, Maury, Montgomery, Morgan, Morse, Patterson, Payne, Petworth, Phelps, Phillips, Pierce, Po , Powell, Randle Highlands, Slate;} Smallwood, Takoma, Ta%lgr, Toner _Towers Twining, Tyler, Van essw_W'ebb, Wexghtman, eatly, Wilson, Wloodburn, Worm- 2;;, 2?)d est Schools: Seventy-two Janitors, at $600 each; m all,

 Sch0ol,_ YVisconsin Avenue Manual Training School,

Cardozo Manual Training _School, and one six-room building in the twelfth division: Four Jamtors, at $540 each; m all, _$2,_160; ]§·ight;vHoo;l7§61rk and Kenilworth Schools: Two gamtors, at $360 eac · m ; Biinker ’Hil1, Deanwood, Hamilton McCormick, Orr, Reno, Reservoir, Smothers, Stanton, Threlkeld Milit Road and Burrville Schools: Twelve janitors, at $300 eadh; in all? $3 Conciuitt0Road, Bridge and Fort Slocum Schools: Three am rs, a eac :m ; _ · orcareosm_er ` an rente roo 'cl king canonnunertuaa ian dl, S12? ,390,,1] bmldmgs :1 d m°'°l° and manual-traming schools, wherever l0cateId?,d.]tl duillltfa cggt to exceed $*2 pelgrapznum for the_ care of eac£ saclhoolroom, $9,00;). ll ¤· Mmuc s cronsz Thirteen me c to ' schools, one of whom shall be a woman, two iihsgcbelfiledlsktgugnd {?,§,‘;?§,?,,,,,,_ um_ four shall of the colored race, at eachgin all, $6,500: Provided, ¤¤¤¤·¤»·¤¤— · That said inspectors appointed by the commissioners only after ’compet1t1ve examination,_ and shall have had at least three Eire experience in the practice of medicine or dentist in the _ tnct o Columbig and shall perform their duties under the direction of the health 0 cer and according to rules formulated from time