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536 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 191. 1914. C¤°*¤*¤*’Y 9**** bi°r For urchase of fixtures, a aratus, specimens, and_materials for °gym°m°mS` laboratldries of the depmtmeiiiias of chemistry and biology m the Central, Esmtern, Western Business, and M Street High Schools, J. Ormond Wilson Normal School, and Normal Schoo Numbered Two, and installation of same, $2,100. _ C°bl”°°'”°k°'· For cabinetmaker for repairing school furmture, $1 000._ _ §;’,f,{,°,§§,$,‘§ §}'l’§f·x Hereafter the taxes levied by the government of the District_ of for`,} 37 1 Columbia. and paid for thetyear next preceding the time of levymg °` ’p` 16 tutelage charges by nonresident pupils or thedparents of nonresident pupils shall pe accepted m a credit or part cr t, as the case may be, on said tute e. g,§u‘,},§§,}““gs “”d C Burginmoiggncp einounnlsz Toward tlhe eiianpuugxign of the new; ¤•=¤¢r¤1HizhSch·>¤1- entr oo on the site urc asc or a ose an toward and other work necgssary to pre are thegilzlg grading of an athletic eld, construction of retaming w£ls, and construction of an athletic stadium, $450,000. . ,,,,“§1'§g‘§,§*;${,*§,}’,,'§f"’°°‘ Toward the construction of the new M Street High School for colored pupils, on the site purchased for that purpose, and toward grading of said site, $150,000. _ For the purchase of ground adjacent to the Petworth School, $3 500. ' For the erection of a sixteen-room building on the site purchased west of Soldiers} Home unds, south of Roc Creek Road, $132,000. Sclljorl the purchase og!-aiidditional ground adjoining the Burrville oo , $3,000. Sdlforl the purchase of additional ground adjoining the Takoma oo , $6,000. $ the purchase of ground lying north of the Maury School, 2 . l.•`or additional ground_ lying north of the Lenox School, $6,000. Hggggiggw Emem For the purchase of a site for a new Eastern High School, $150,000, ` or so much thereof as may be necessary. miéiggjgggsst f<>r¤**s= The total cost of the sites and of the several and respective buildings ` herein provided for, when completed upon plans and specifications to be previously made and approved,_shall not exceed the seyeral and respective sums of money herem respectively appropriated or authorized for such purposes. m§;j,§gg;i¤;gst{·x1;_*;$.·;:*,r; No part of any money appropriated by this Act shall be paid to any emmbmeeu. ’ person, en1pl<;}yed under or m connection with the public schools of the District o Columbia, who shall solicit or receive, or permit to be solicited or received, on any public-school premises, any subscription or donation of money or other thing of value, from pupils enrolled 0¤1¤¤t¤¤¤r¤¤i¤¤¤- in such public schools for presentation of testimonials or for any purposes other than for the promotion of school athletics, including school playgrounds, school gardens, school publications, and com- F ku S h I meipcement exercises offggh schools. ¤*¤ ¤ G 00 o eater amount o oor or room s ace shall be o ’ ° ggucgdupition mma, School Building for office purjihses of the Bo(ai.(i·ldP¢iidE1<]iui:1:i.‘i ‘ tion or of the superintendent of education than was so used J anu first, nineteen hundred and thirteen; and the remainder of said builmdyf 1ng Iihzgllé until otherwise provided, be devoted solely to the actual wor o eac . "*'°Pm‘*°¤°'P’~€=¤S· Thi specincations for provided for in this Act s be prepared under the SUPQFYISIOD of the municipal architect and slhfall be apléroved by the commissioners, and shall be constructed m co ormity thereto. '?.Q'f”d,,f_° °¥’°¤ me The school bmldmgs authpmzed and agpropriated for herein shall be constructed with all doors intended to e used as exits or entrances opening outward and each of said buildings having in excess of eight rooms shall have at least four exits. No part of any appropriation carried in thxs Act shall be used for the maintenance oi scihool