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52 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. a¤¤¤¤._¤=¤ enitenti , Atlanta, Geo 'a: For continuing construction Mmm"' $7§000, toalg available immedgltely and to remain ayailable until expended, all of which sum shall be so expended as to give the maxi- _ mum amount of employment_to the inmates of said penitentiary. ,,,f,‘g,f',, "““"*“” '°" No art of an money appropriated m this act under the Department ` of Jldstice shui be used or beginning the construction of any new or Nmm, Tumi additional at any Fe eral pemtentiaiy. _ _ School £¤rB¤y¤, uci National TrainmagiSchool for Boys:_ Ifor acquisition by purchase or condemnation of ditional land adyoming the present site, to be immediately available, $41,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary. ¤¤¤·¤¤¤¤·>¤¤ msommannous owners, DEPARTMENT or Jusrron. ¤¤¤¤1¤¤¢ M ¤=¤¢¤¤=¤ Conduct of customs cases: Assistant Attorney General, $8,000- Easier Attorney assistant attorneys—one $5,000, one $4,500, one $3,000; special °°`}*g'°,}2,°*l‘j"§’§,g"·°‘°· attorneys and counselors at law m the conduct of customs cases, to be ’ em loyed and their compensation fixed by the Attorney General, as authorized by section thirty of the Act of August fifth, nineteen hundred and nine, $35,000; necessary clerical assistance and other employees at the seat of government and elsewhere, to be employed and ¤¤m>¤¤•~ their compensation fixed by the Attomeg General; supplies, printing, traveling and other miscellaneous an incidental leirlpenses, to be girlpendegognder the direction of the Attorney Gene , $27 ,000; in , $82, . Wi¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· ¤¤¤·* M For travel` e enses, fees, and mil allowance of witnesses °°°”°l"p°m°°”` before the Bolldigd gp United States Generdlaiap raisers, $3,000. ,,,,P,$j"““‘ "‘“’ "‘ Defending suits in claims against the Unitedp States: For defray·mg’ the necessary expenses incurred m the examination of witnesses an rocuring o evidence m the matter of claims against the United States and such other expenditurm as may be necessary in defending Fmch mu suits in the Court of Claims, including defense for the United States ,,.,1,,, ”’° °" in the matter of French spoliation claims, not exceeding $500 of which may be expended for law books, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney General, $15,000. m’§,;m“g§g,gg_P“’*’** Detection and prosecution of crimes: For the detection and prosecution of crimes agamst the United States; the investigation of the official acts, records, and accounts of marshals, attorneys clerks, and referees of the United States courts and the Territorial courts and United States commissioners, for which purpose all the official papers, records, and dockets of said officers, without exception, Pm shall be examined by the agents of the Attorne General at any ,,,,,"{_°‘°°‘*“°"° ‘ tune; for the protection of the person of the President of the United States; for such other investigations regarding official matters under the control of the Department of Justice as may be directed by the Attcsrney Gsisslral, ipcsuding not soteiged $101,0gO izsr necessary empo eesa esea o overnmen o e en e un er h ’ tiolrslollthe Attprney Geniigil, $475,000. Xp t B dm _ ¤¤¤fv¤=·>¤¤. s ec ion o prisons an prisoners and arole: For the ins ion m of United States prisons and prisoners, andp for the collection, ggcsbiiication, and preservation of criminal identification records, and their exchange with the officials of State and other institutions to be exgended under the direction of the Attorney General, $10,000. dgigggggntguuighggggm efense m Indian depredation claims: For salaries and expenses in ' defense of the Indian depredation claims, including not exceedin g6i000l§or salaréezs of necsisstsry emploiees in Washington, District 0% oum1a,to eene underthirtio _ General, $21,000. xp ec H ° dm At°°"‘°y ,,,'f,,§T‘,,gf°"“¤» °°°~ °*· ffrevehng and miscellaneous expenses: For traveling and other xemmpe-mined. `ggscxlpecus ang elrpergeplsy ex§ense(s, including advances made by

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R 8 '°°° mlp m' General, to be expended at his discretionluthe provigiohs ofAtli§rfl11;{