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704 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Crrs. 268-270. 1914. Au H2.1914- GEL?. .-An Act th r1zmg` the Secretarv of the Interior to sell certain (§?sR‘ mw'] unused rerfnqgit lands to th:;uB0:rd of County Commissioners of Caddo County, Okla- [Public, No. isi.] homa, for fairground and park purposes. 0 Be it enacted the Senate and House of Re esentatives of the United {$121i:1i£$i't¤ cas- States of Ameriei/a in Congress assembled, Tliieit the Secretary of the °°°°“'""°m' Interior is authorized to sell to the Board of County Commissioners of Caddo County, Oklahoma, at the price of $1.25 per acre, a plarcel of land, or any part thereof, being that portion of the sout west quarter of section fourteen, in township seven, north of ragga ten, west of the Indian meridian, Oklahoma, lying south of the °cago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, containing one hundred and eleven Pmho- and forty one-hundredths acres, more or ess: Provided, That said °°”°m°° association shall, within ninety days from approval hereof, apply to purchase under this Act, and that the sale s all be upon the express conditions that if the land be not used for park or fairground purposes within one year from date of conveyance to said assbciation, or shall at any time thereafter cease to be so used, the title thereto shall reyert to the United States upon the fact of such nonuse being ascertained and declared by the Secretary of the Interior. Approved, August 22, 1914.

  • [§‘§,°_%4}§f• GHAIQ. 26§.—A11 Act To authorize the withdrawal of lands on the Quinaielt
 Reservation, in the State of Washington, for lighthouse purposes.

_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of lte sentatives of the United 1zg•°jr$1;iiii»,wivliii1i.°° States of America in Congress assembled, Thi; the Secretary of the ,m1,;*gg0°gSe”,§,:,Pgf '°' Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized to set aside not exceeding two hundred and six and seventy-·five one-hundredths acres of lan at or near Cap? Elizabeth, on the Quinaielt Indian Reservation, in rmvuwh mum the State of ashmgton, for hghthouse 1u·poses: Provided, That P“""'" ° ’ the Secretary of Commerce shall pay the Iiidians therefor, from the

  • appropr1ation for the general expenses of the Lighthouse Service for

e fiscal year in which this reservation is made, such price for the lands set _8S1d6 hereunder as may be agreed upon by the Secreta of the Interior and the Secretilrly of Commerce: Promdedfurther, Elxhat U¤¤¤H¤¤<1=- the funds thus derived sh be deposited in the Treasurjx of the United States to the credit of the Indians of the Quinaielt eservation, and shall be subject to expenditure for their benent in such

as the Secretary of the Interior may deem for their best

in res . mgkdm, as., ma. Sec. 2. That there_is hereby reserved for the use and benefit of ‘ the Indnanspf the Qumanelt Reservation in common all oil gas, coal, or other minerals in the lands set aside hereunder for lighthouse puriposes, and the right to respect for and mine these commodities un er such rules and regmsatnons as may be agreed upon by the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Commerce. Approved, August 22, 1914. Af§?§°??g}§_“;‘ CHAP. 27Q.-An Act To provide for leave of absence for homestead entrymen in

 0110 Of two p€l'lOdS.

Be it enacted Senate and House of REiq·esentatives of the United §g‘;{g,‘g;*d°gh,H”_ States of America in Congress assembled, at the entryman men- 4;. ¤.. :3 2291, p. ticned in section twenty-two hundred and ninety-one, Revised Stat- \t§i{°°‘§7, ‘,,_ ,2,, utes of the United States, as amended by the Act of June sixth, nine- ““{§§f§;?,,, 0, uma 0, teen hundred and twelve, Thirtv—seventh Statutw, one hundred and =¤¤<=¤¤=¤ ¤M·>w¤¤· twenty-three, upon filing IH the local land office notice of the beginning