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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sms. II. CHS. 270, 271, 285. 1914. 705 of such absence at_his option shall be entitled to a leave of absence m one or two continuous periods not exceeding in the aggregate five months m each year after establishing residence; and upon the termination of such absence, in each period the entryman shall file a cmmmum notice_of such termination in the local land officeg but in case of com- ' mutation, the fourteen months actual residence, as now required by la}v;i1m1ist_l;::l§o3wpé and the person commuting be at the time a citizen 0 e m a . Approved, August 22, 1914. CQAP. 271.-A.u Act Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to issue patent to i§¤1¥.i264iiiif the city of Susanville, in Lassen County, California, for certain lands, ·and for other Pm’P°°”· ’ ` Be it enacted the Senate and House o Re esentatives 0 the United States qi glmerica in 0'ongress assembéd, That the Secrgtary <I;;§°@¥¤¤S:_- of the Interior e, and he hereby is, authorized and directed to con- iiL°u..§’ " “P" vey by plroper patent to the city of Susanville (a municipal corporation of e sixt class, duly ofripnized and existing under the laws of the State of California, with power to hold and own real estate), of Iaseen Coimty, California, the following tract of public land, to wit: The northeast quarter of the southwest quarter of section twenty-eight, township thirvjy north, range twelve east, Mount Diablo ,,_mm_ base and meridian, Susan e land district, upon payment therefor to the Secretary of the Interior for the Govemment of the United States the full sum of $1.25tp¢;1• acre, which patent shall be issued upon the express condition t the city of Susanville shall use said tract P,,,,,,,,,_ of lan for city uses and purposes only: Promkled, _That when- u_£¤v¤r¤1¤¤ *0* ¤¤¤- ever said lands cease to be used y said city for municipal purposes ` or are attempted to be sold or conveyed then, and m that event, title to such lands and the whole thereof shall revert to the United States: Pmmkied further, That such lpatent shall contain a reservation to the rosafirggy ·*¤-· ww United States of all gas, o` , coal and other mineral deposits that ` may be found in such land, and the right to the use of the land for extracting the same. Approved, August 22, 1914. CHAP. 285.-An Act To reserve certain lands and toincorporate the sameand make A 2** mi' them a part of the Pike National Forest. Be it enacted the Senate and House o Representatives o the United me 1.;,,,,,,,,, F,,,_ States of Ameribei/r in Congress assembled? That all lands iii the State wigghm to of Colorado hereinafter escribed, to wit: m,,,,,,,,,,,,_ ’ In township five south, range seventy-one west, sixth principal meridian: West half of southwest qilrgrter, section twenty; southeast quarter of northeast quarter, east lf of southeast guarter, northwest quarter of southwest quarter, section twenty-erg t; east half of southeast quarter, southwest uarter of southeast quarter, section. twenty-nine; west half of no1%east quarter, southeast quarter of . northeast quarter, southeast quarter, south half of southwest quarter, section thirty-one; northeast quarter, west half of southeast quarter, southeast quarter of southeast raparter, south half of northwest quarter, northeast quarter of no west quarter, southwest quarter, section lilillflz. —two. In township sixth south, range seventy-one west sixth prinaclipal meridian: North half of northwest uarter, section live; west h of northeast quarter, west half of soutgieast quarter, east half of northwest quarter, northwest quarter of northwest quarter, east half of 91006°-vor. 38-m- 1-—·L5