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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 3. 1913. 59 That not more than $25,000 of this amount shall be expended on the ,,};‘°¤dS·°‘°-· ¤*¤*¤=r coasts of said outlying islands, and the Atlantic entrance to the ` Panama Canal, $65,000; For surveys and necessary resurveys of coasts on the Pacific Ocean Pwnc wwwunhder the jurisdiction of tlhe Unite¢il1Sta§1es1l$l165,000i1 I or continuing researc es in ysic y ro a re atin to ramen hydroharbors and bars, and for tidal and} current observglidiisyon the cgasts ’”phy° of the United States, or other coasts under the jurisdiction of the "'?§“"‘ %§i“”’ *°"*%"‘ .1 { rted d 1. or o one soim ings an examination o re angers on the 0*****0*6 ¤<>¤¤<¤¤&=· coasts of the United States, and of coasts underltlie jurisdiction of the com Fm' °°°' United States, and to continue the compilation of the Coast Pilot, and to make special hydrographic examinations, and including the employ- ment of such pilots and nautical experts in the held and office as may be necessary or the same, $15,000; _ For contmuing magnetic observations and to establish meridian uolgmfv ¤¤¤¤rv¤· lmes in connection therewith in_a1l parts of the United States, and for ’ ° makingumagnetic observations m other regions under the jurisdiction pf the nited States, including the jmrchase of additional magnetic ugstruunents, and the lea? pif sites Y re necessarytiul the grectiori to Sm o tem rary m etic u' d1ngs' · or continuing ine o exac “°*· levels liiiizween tl‘i§nAtlantic Pacific, and Gulf coasts; for wm points to State surveys, to be applied as far as practicable m States where points have not been furnished; for determinations of (igeographical positions, and for continuing gravity observations, an for ete rans-Atlantic longitude, including instrumental equipment, , ; For any special surveys that may be’required by the Bureau of ¤1>°¤*¤*¤¤*¤v•· lighthouses or other proper authority, and contingent expenses incident thereto, $10,000; _ For objects not herembefore named that ma deemed urgent m=¤¤¤¤¤¤¤·¤ including the preparation or purchase of pr$rmn' ary plans and specifications o vessels, and the actual necessary expenses of officers o the held force temporarily ordered to the office at Washington for consultation with the superintendent, and for the expenses of International ewthe attendance of the American delegates at the meetings of the "°“°”°°°““°“· International Geodetic Association, not to exceed $550, $3,000; In all, for held expenses, $320,400. _ _ Repairs and maintenance of vessels: For repairs and maintenance Emil; we of Qtiuhe complement lcggessels used gn lthe Coast and Geodeffic Survey, °"° ’° in dm'gtetrave' enseso tepersoninspectm terepairs, but excluding engineer’%plies and other ship chandiry, $40,000. Officers and men, vess : For all necessary employees to man ray eztumun. and equip the vessels of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, including professional seamen serving as executive omcers an mates on vessels of the survey, to execute the work of the survey herein provngcga for anél authonzgd by 1:6w, $252,200. be 10 od _ ries: u erinten ent, ,000; assistants, to emp y m · l I the held or o£ce, as the superintendent may direct, one of whom ssiiggiw. ° may be designated by the Secretary of Commerce and Labor to act as assistant superintendent—two at $4,000 each, one $3,200, hve at $3,000 each, hve at $2,500 each, one $2,400, eight at $2,200 each, qnglht at $2,000 each, eight at $1,800 each, eight at $1,600 each, egg t at $1,400 each, ten at $1,200 each; aids—six at $1,100 each, eighteen at_ $1,000 each, hve at $900 each; in all, $160,200. Oilice {Owe: Disbursing agent, $2,500; chief of division of l1b1’81'_Y §,§°,;_*”°°· and archives, $1,800; clerks-two at $1,800 each, three at $1,650 each, four at $1,400 each, eight at $1,200 each, hve at $1,000 each, “"i—°“ ’°°° °""ha“l‘ “S‘lF%f.?°*‘* it M .1, Tw i ¤~—·-··» ortopogra can y gra`c tsmen,nam: oa $2,400 each, three at $2,200 eacli: three at $2,000 each, three at