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60 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. $1,800 each, three at $1,602c]pach, three at $1,400 each, three at 1 200 each two at $1,000 e ;_ _ €<>¤¤¤¤*°*¤- S For astrdnomical, geodetic, tidal, and miscellaneous computers, namely: One $2,500, one $2,200, two at $2,100 each, three at $1,800 each, three at $1,600 each, four at $1,400 each, five at $1,200 each, For copperplate engravers, namely: One $2,400, two at $2,200 each, three at $2,000 each, three at $1,800 each, two at $1,600 each, two at $1,400 each, two at $1,200 each, two at $1,000 each; mmm For engravers and apprentices, at not exceeding $1,000 each, $3 600; . . emma ram. For electrotypers and photographers, plate punters and me helpers, instrument makers, carpenters, engineer, and other skilled laborers, namely: One $2,400, one $2,000 two at $1,600 each, three at $1,400 each, eleven at $1,200 eadh, five at $1,000 each, three at $900 each, live at $700 each; wamimm, ow. For watchman, firemen, messengers, and laborers, namely: Three at $880 each, four at $820 each, three at $720 each, four at $700 each, tw:} a&$6#§0 eaclgigtgixiegbat $630 each, four at $550 each; in a o 0 ce ores , . _ , _ Omcs ¤r1=¤¤¤¤¤- expenses: Fdr the purchase of new lilsiirumeuts, mcludmg V°L 37* p` m` their exchange, for materials and su(pphes required in the mstrument sho , carpenter shop, and drawing ivrsion, and for books, scientific andptechnical books and journals and books of reference, mm, charts, and subscri tions; for cocp£;erplates,chartpaper, prmte1·’s copper, zinc, and chemicals for trogping photographing; engraving, rinting, photcégraphmg, _ ectrotyping supplies; and for photolithographin arts and lprmting from stone and copper for immediate use, and for the employment of expert hthographers m the office at an diture not exceeding $3,500; for stationery for office and iielii parties, transportation of instruments and supplies when not charged to party expenses, pfiice wagon and horses, heating, lightmg, and power, telaphones, mcludmig the operation of switchboard, tel , ice, an washing, office urmture repairs, travelu§ expenses ol assistants and others employed m the omce sent on speci dut in the service of the office, miscellaneous expenses, contingencies of ah kinds, and not exceeding for extra labor, $3,400; m all, $50,000. .m¤w¤¤¤¤¤ re- That no part of the money herein a;;p1ropriated for the Coast and '"i°“"" Geodetic Survey shall be available for owance to civilian or other omcers for subsistence while on dutg at Washington (except as hereinbefore provided for officers of the eld force ordered to Vgashington for short psrgogs Sor consultation with the superintendent), except as now rovx e aw. . Fwisht ¤¤¤v¤¢¤*- Fei? new freight elevator in Richards Building, $2,500, Bureau of Fisheries. BUREAU OF FISHERIES. Sauce-. c Ofhce of commissioner: Commissioner, $6,000· de ut commisc°° °°°r' °°' sioner, $3,500; assistant in charge of office, to be’a by the Secretary of Commerce, $2,500; accountant, $2,100; li)brarian,$1,500; clerks—one of class four, three of class three, one to commissioner $1,600 one of class one, one $1,000, ten at $900 each; engineer $1,080; three dremen, at $720 each; two watchmen, at $720 each; live janitors and messengers, at $720 each; janitress, $480; messenger boy, $360; four eharwomen, at $240 each; in all, $45,080. _·{;g¤i§é=* md ¢¤· Office of architect and engineer: Architect and engineer, $2,200; gm" ’ assistant architect, $1,600; draftsman, $1,200; in all, $5,000. cxg_;;i¤¤ of Fish Division of F ish Cu1turc—OiHce: Assistant in charge, $2,700; omcei superintendent of car and messenger service, $1,600; clerks—one of class three, two oi class two, two of class one, one $900; in all, $12,000,