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872 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 75. 1915. P°°*°° °°°”·*’· For surveys and necessary resurveys of coasts on the Pacific Oeean_1mder_the jurisdiction of the United States, including $50,000 Pham »1¤~g~ °°1i’°1‘““““‘€’h“"’l" ?"”"1”“"1l°’ *2°°’1‘1°°·; al 1. .11.. 1 1 1 1 0 con imnng esearc es in ysic grap re a in o phy' hprtliomrgnclcblm, and for tidal and) c1u·rent oliservationgrhn the cgasts o e ni States, or other coasts under the jurisdiction of the Omhm mndmgs United States, $6,400; _ _ °····—m··*~“= 3i*2’1§2'€1Z?1‘L’21dé‘€§?B§?§’n'ii‘2?2‘§2§é§?.$’§§$‘€£Et*’1?1t‘§‘&?§?Ei.iiE12 United Stat§s, and tg cgngirnue th}; compilation oi the Coast Pilot, an to ma e specia y ograp `c examinations and includin the employment of such pilots and nautical experts, in the Held and office as may be necessary for the same, $15,000; u(§§s°f¤°g:‘f° °‘”°"°· _ For continuing magnetic observations and to establish meridian lines m connection therewith m all parts of the United States, and for making magnetic observations in other regions under the jurisdiction of the United Stagesilinpludingfthe purchase of additional magnetic instruments an the ease 0 sites w ere necessary and the Mmmm tom- erection of tempdrary magnetic buildings; for continuing the line nm ° of exact levels etween the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coasts; for furmshing points to State surve , to be a plied as far as practicable in States w ere points have not gden fiumished ; for the determinations of geographical positions, and for continuing gravity observations, $56 000· SP°°*“ ’“"°”· _1l*or dny special surveys that may be required by the Bureau of Lighthouses or other proper authority, and contingent expenses incident thereto, $10,000; m•°“‘¤¤°°°*· _ cI{or_ob]e;:lts not hereénbefore namgd thai; mayligle deemeil urgentg in udmg_ e repara ion or purc ase 0 pre mary ans an

cations oi) voisuels; alctuail nec•ia1ssaiE expenéips of ofiidiars of the

e orce tempora y or ere to the office at ashington for consultation with the superintendent, and not exceeding $550 for the depiuinséggaigiouoeo- expenses of the attendance of the American delegates at the meetings `° ‘ of gse llngeiigational Geodetic Association, $3,000; _ a , e expenses $355 400. "°“*‘°·'°P°“’·°‘°· Vessels: _For repairsland maintenance of the complement of vessels, mcluding traveling expenses of the person inspecting the repairs, Pa of mom and but excluding enginee s supphes and other ship chandlery, $40,000. mw; _ For all necessary employees to man and equip the vessels, including professional seamen serving as mates on_ vessels of the survey, the eixecuge ghe work of the survey herein provided for and authorized I . _ y aw 25 ,200. sig:-sgmiznaaut. ae- Salai·ies: Superintendent, $6,000; assistants, to be employed in the ’° field or office, as the superintendent may direct, one 0 whom may be designated by the Secretary of Commerce to act as assistant supermtendent——two at $4,000 each, one $3,200, five at $3,000 each, five at $2,500 each, seven at $2,400 each, eight at $2,200 each, eight at $2,000 each, eight at $1,800 each, eight at $1,600 each, eight at $1,400 each, ten at $1,200 each; a1ds—six at $1,100 each, eighteen at Omwtom $1,000 each, five_at $900 each; in all, $174,600. _ _ _ _ cmu 6,,, Office force: Disbursing agent, $2,500; chief of division of hbrary and archives, $1,800; clerks;-three at $1,800 each, three at $1,650 each, four at $1,400 each, eight at $1,200 each, five at $1,000 each, ten at $900 each, six at $720 each; nmsmm. Topographic and hgrdrographic draftsmen: Two at $2,400 each, three at $2,200 each, thee at $2,000 each, three at $1,800 each, three at $1,600 leach, three at $1,400 each, three at $1,200 each, two at $1,000 eac ; Gcmvutus- Astronomical geodetic, tidal, and miscellaneous computers: One $2,500, one $2,200, two at $2,100 each, three at $1,800 each, three at $1,600 each, four at $1,400 each, five at $1,200 each;