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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. HI. C11. 75. 1915. 873 Copperplate engravers: One $2,400, two at $2,200 each, three at E¤¤’“°”- $2,000 each, three at $1,800 each, two at $1,600 each, two at $1,400 each, one $1,200, two at $1,000 each; Engravers and apprentices at not exceeding $1,000 each, $3,600; . Instrument makers: One $2,400, one $1,600, two at $1,400 each, °,,f’“‘“*m°¤* m°k°“» one $1,200, three at $1,000 each; ’ Carpenters: Three at $1,200 each, carpenter and painter $900; Electrotypers and photographers, litho a hers, plate printers and El°°"°t”’°”’ °*”‘ their helpers, engineer, and other skilleegllaliorers: One $2,000, one $1,800, one $1,700, one $1,600, one $1,400, eight at $1,200 each, two at $1,000 each, two at $900 each, Eve at $700 each; Watchmen, firemen, messengers, and laborers: Three at $880 each, w°mm°°’ °°°' four at $820 each, three at $720 each, four at $700 each, two at $640 eaigh, giree at §63&eac%1, four at $550 each; n , pay o office orce, $204,420. Office expenses: For urchase of new instruments, including their ?’ig¢cfp.1%l£ exchange, materials ang supplies required in the instrument shop, carpgnter shag and division, books, scientific and technical boo , journ , books of re erence, maps, charts, and subscriptions; copperplates, chart paper, printer’s ink, copper, zinc, and chemicals for electrotyging and photographing; engraving, printing, photographing, an electrotyping supplies; photolithographing c arts and printing from stone and copper for immediate use, stationery for office and field Ogarties, transportation of instruments and supplim when not charg to party expenses, office wagon and horses; heatinv, lighting, and power, tele bones, including operation of switchboard, te egrams, ice, and wasliing, office furniture, repairs, traveling exgenses of assistants and others employed in the office sent on special uty in the service of the office, miscellaneous expenses, contingencies of all kinds, and not exceeding for extra labor, $3,400; in all, $50,000. For two new vessels, including their e uigment, $289,000. N"' "°°“` Appropriations herein for the Coast antil eodetic Survey shall not S,;l,,il,§Y'°“°°s "` be available for allowance to civilian or other officers for subsistence while on duty at Washington (exc<=%t as hereinbefore provided for officers of the field force ordered to ashington for short periods for consultation with the superintendent), except as now provided by law. mmnav 01-* risnnmms. °“'°"‘°'“"’°'"" Commissioner’s office: Commissioner, $6,000;deputy commissioner, d§,,‘§,','?,'§':,,’f’*°°°" $3,500; assistants in charge of divisions—fish culture $2,700, inquiry respecting food fishes $2,700, statistics and methods of Hsheries $2,500; assistants-one in charge of office, $2,500, one $2,500, one $1,800, one $1,600, two at $1,200 each, two at $900 each; fish pathologist (to be appointed by the Secretary of Commerce), $2,500; architect and engmeer, $2,200; assistant architect, $1,600; draftsman, $1,200; accountant, $2,100; librarian, $1,500; superintendent of car and messenger service, $1,600; clerks-three of class four, four °l"°’°°°‘ of class three, one to commissioner $1,600, four of class two, six of class one, three at $1,000 each, fifteen at $900 each; statistical agentsone $1,400, two at $1,000 each; local agents—one at Boston $300, one at Gloucester $600, one at Seattle $600; engineer, $1,080; three firemen at $720 each; two watchmen at $720 each; five janitors and, messengers at $720 each; j anitress $480; messenger boy, $360; four charwomen at $240 each; in all, $100,380. A , Alaska service: Pribilof Islands-two agents and caretakers, at ji§§';§,’°§§‘§,°;mm_ $2,000 each; two physicians, at $1,500 each; three school-teachers, at °*°· $1,200 each; storekeeper, $1,800; agent, $2,500; assistant agentsone $2,000, one $1,800, one $1,500; inspector, $1,800; wardensone $1,200, six at $900 each; in all, $28,600.