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924: SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 80. 1915. including public hydrants and fire plugs, and labor in repair·ing, replacing, raising, and lowering mains, laying new mains and connections, and erecting and repairing fire plugs Hpurchase and maintenance of motor trucks, orses, wagons, carts, an harness necessary for the proper execution of this work, and including a sum not exceeding $800 for purchase and use of bicycles by inspectors of the water de artment, $37,000. Serviccexpcnsu. llor continuing the extension of and maintaining the high-service system of water distribution, laying necessary service and trunk W¤#¤¤»¢¤¤.•¢¤· mains for low service, and purchasing, installing, and maintainin water meters on services to such private residences and to such business places as may not be re%uire to install meters under existing rileigulations as may be directed y the commissioners, said meters at times to remain the property o the District of Columbia, to include all necessary land, machinerly, buildings, mains, and appurtenances, and labor, and purchase an maintenance of horses, wagpns, carts, and harness necessary for the proper execution of this wor , so much as may be available rn the water und during the Hscalgear nineteen hundred and sixteen, after providing for the expen 'turw herein before authorized, is appropriated. ,,,,‘E,‘;,P§-,f,,,,"§,F,*§,F;°‘,{§{§f Sec. 2. That the services of draftsmen, assistant engineers, levelers,

 transrtmen, rodmen,_ chammen, computers, copyrsts, overseers, and

npieyui. y inspectors temporanl reqkurred rn connection with sewer, street, street cleaning or road wor or- construction and repair- of buildings and bridges, or any general, or special engineering or construction work au orized by appropriations may be employed exclusively to carry into effect said appropriations when slpecriically and in writing ordered by the commissioners, and all suc necessary ex nditures for the roper execution of said work shall be paid from andpdqluitably charged) against the sums appropriated for said work; and the commissioners in their annual estimates shall report the number of such employees performing such services, and their· work, and the sums

 paid to each, and out of what appropriation: Provwkled, That the

expenditures hereunder shall not exceed $70,000 during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen. _ _ ,,{§,‘]';,_’°"" '“’°" The commissioners are further authorized to employ temporarily such laborers, skilled laborers, drivers, hostlers, and mechanics as may be required exclusively in connection with sewer, street,_and road work, and street cleaning, or the construction and repair of buildings and bridges, furniture and equipments, or any general or special engineering or construction or repair work, and to mcur all necessary en(g·ineering and other expenses, exclusive of personal services, inci ental to carrying on such work and necessary for the roper execution thereof, said laborers, skilled laborers, drivers, hostlers, and mechanics to be employed to perform such work as may not be required by law to be done rmder contract, and to pay for such services and expenses from the appropriations under whic such services are rendered and expenses incurred. _ §,‘;‘:§'{§§“§§’,’§§,;,°,'§; Sec. 3. That all_horses, harness, horse-drawn vehicles necessary g;•u*;¤m‘0¤¤¤i¤¤¤¤¤¤ for use in connection with construction and supervision of sewer, ' street, street lightmggroad work, and street—clean1ng work, mcluding maintenance o said orses and harness, and maintenance and repai1· of said vehicles and purchase of all necessary articles and supplies in connection therewith, or on construction and repair of bu' ings and bridgles, or any general or special engineering or construction work au orized by appropriations, may e purc used, hired, and maintained exclusively to _ carry into effect said appropriations when s ecifically and rn writing ordered by the commissioners; and all sucii expenditures necessary for the proper execution of said work, exclusive of personal services, shall be paid from and equitably