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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 80. 1915. 925 charged agamst the sums appropriated for said work; and the com- R°P°"•°""· missioners m the annual estimates shall report the number of horses vehicles, and_ha.rness purchased, and horses and vehicles hired, and the sums paid for same, and out of what appropriation; and all horses owned or maintained by the District shall], so far as may be gacticable, be provided for in stables owned or 0 erated b said istrictz Prmnkied, That such horses horse-drawn vehicles, and, carts ,0* on as may be_temporarily needed for hauling and excavating material ¤x¢¤v¤¥i°¤¤¤,¤z¤. m connection with works authorized by appropriations may be temporarily employed for such Ipurposes under the conditions named in section two of t is Act in re ation to the employment of laborers, skilled laborers, and mechanics. Sec. 4. That the services of assistant engineers, draftsmen, levelers, j._';‘g¤fjg?“d¤‘&*; rodmen, chammen, and inspectors temporarily required in connection meniete..tem;iorari1y with water-department work authorized by a(ppropriations may be °““’ °"°°‘ employed exc usively to carry into effect said appropriations, and be paid therefrom, when specifically and in writing ordered by the commissioners, and the commissioners in their annual estimates mpm. shall report the munber of such employees performing such services and their work and the sums paid to each: Provided, That the expenditures hereunder shall not exceed $13,200 during the fiscal ' year nineteen hundred and sixteen. The commissioners are further authorized to employ temporarily “éF•¤1>¤¤Y *•b¤¤¤» such laborers, skilled laborers, and mechanics as may be required ` in connection with water-department work, and to incur all necessary engineering and other expenses, exclusive of personal services, incidental to carrying on such work and necessary for the proper execution thereof, said laborers, skilled laborers, and mechanics to be employed to perform such work as may not be required by existing law to be done under contract, and to pay for such services an expenses from the appropriation under which such services are rendered and expenses incurred. Sec. 5. That the commissoners are authorized to employ in the mamumeous sm execution of work the cost of which is payable from the appropria- ‘“§'¥,;.¤,.,, ,,,,,.,.],1., tion account created in the District of Co umbia appropriation Act kwin nm for the Escal year nineteen hundred and five, and known as the ' "Miscellaneous trust-fund deposits, District of Columbia/’ all nec— essary inspectors, overseers, foremen, sewer tappers, skilled laborers, mechanics, laborers, special policemen stationed at street-railway crossingp`, one inspector of gas iitting, two janitors for laboratories of the ashington and Georgetown Gas Light Companies market master, assistant market master, watchman, horses, carts, and wagons and to incur all necessary engineering and other expenses incidental to carrying on such work and necessary for the proper execution thereof, such services and expenses to be paid from said appropriation account. Sec. 6. That the commissioners shall not make regluisitions upon mg&*¤** °¤ *‘°*1¤*¤*· the appropriations from the Treasury of the Unite States for a larger amount during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen than they make on the appropriations arising from the revenues, including drawback certificates, of said District. _ Sec. 7. That all persons in the employment of the government of ,°*,,,{’,§$,§’,7 the District of Columbia having, as a result of such employment, gag “’ C°m¤*S· custody of or chargeable with property, other than real estate, ' belonging to the District of Columbia, shall, at such times and m such orm as the Commissioners of the District of Columbia shall require, make returns to said commissioners of all such property remaining in their possession, and the condition thereof, and, wit reference to all groperty that may have come into their custody that shall have een consumed in use, a statement showing the quantity thereof and the purpose for which used.