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SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 81. 1915. 927 Ennvnrrrn LIGHTHOUSE nrsrmcr. E!¤*¤¤¤= district- Im ro aids to na ° ation and establishing new aids in the D°°"’”m"°'·m°"· Fighti)ngvl!;’and Channel?-1§)etr0it River, Michigan, $25,000. Q · snvnmnnum ueirmousm nrsrmcr. ¤•*¤¤¢¤¤¤¤¤·11=¢¤¤¤·

d fog signal station at or near Kellett Bluf, Hemy Island, w§&¤_¤ HMG. ¤¤=·.

was on, or at some pomt on the west coast of San Juan Island, 8.Sl1lI1gl70. n $40 000. Ieligfovenient iof aids to navigation at or near the entrance to ¤¤<1¤i¤¤Riv¤r.0r¤¢· Coq e River, Oregon, $6,000. nrcrrrmnwm Lrerrmousiz nrstrmcr. E*s¤*¤¤¤¢¤ dktrlct. Light. and fog signal station at Point Vincente, California, $80,000. 1’¤*¤° Vi¤¤¤¤¢¤.¤•\· mnnrmnxm LIGHTHOUSE ms·ra1c·r. O N*¤¤¢¤¤¤¢h dktrivt- Aids to navigation in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, $80,000. Hgseigl Harbor, PANAMA CANAL. · Pa¤amaCamL riiteaktnaraz 21%: i»2;:.,.*· zcesésarataarstzzmna emzémr i“iii8&ZY°éh%“£0‘iI¤t‘i“$’§‘i3£ i—l’“2§Z§.’I?.?:. ll§S°Zi°$”§$c]lZ2€?yI??”c‘i;¤ mmm W, merce may, by satisfactory arrangement with the_Governor of the i Panama ganal,fhave them constructed and mamtamed through the Panama a.n orce. Sec. 2. That the Secretary of Commerce is hereby authorized, in ,,§°,§f_°'“ '°’ ¤°°”** his discretion, to use the unexpended balance of the apgropriation hlglgcgtuegfydd of $200,000 for a tender for the first lighthouse an elsewhere ° ' made by the Acts of May twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and V°*·35·Pv·=31»¤’*¤~ °‘g§"ti§.. h aiiéiiih .E§ZEE£.?St}iili.°s‘i’m°§ £L‘L‘d'4Ts°la“‘ir€il"§lZEl.’2§3’ an c , - page nine hundred and seventy), as modified by the Act of Jul i V°‘·“"·P·“’& twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and twelve (Thirty-seventh Statutesglpagedtwo thundred {end thirty-eight), for the construction of ddit' thers or ener service. a Sngrii. Tliiit the Secietarylof Commerce is eileelioiiged to transgler w",Q”f"°’"“‘“ ’““°"· th lighth ro erty in ot one section t — our towns °p Tr¤¤=f¤r ¤f M f¤¢ twi>nty§—twc(iuiigrt}li, gangs ei§ht east, losco County, Michigan, now a m°'°°"°° P°r°°°°` eertion oi} the Tawas Leglgs i)J 8S€I'V8l&lOI1, to the Secretary of the oses the avin Service.

 'l`1h§l;1r1i)er(e1aIi,)er empleyees ofgthe, Lightltioéisgf Service com- mL§B¥;:£l °°°°°°°°°

nsated ther `em rate o ay may e an e teen working' gays leavz oil agsence each year €vitl;h0uti1for§e§rure of pay suc b ence, under rules rescribed y the ecretary o mmerce: _

"r?nrZded, That no empilo ee of the class herein mentioned shall be (,_,;,""g,§'gm_

entitled to any geave untii liiie has sterveel ltwelve cogseleutiyie montlels, h n he may e ante teen ays cave an t at the gecgnd or any Subéggquent year fifteen da ’ leave at the rate ol one and one—fou1£th1;lays perdmonth, as earned; 1331* ge lfrreleted f1;>1;;1 Ellie D_ my umm 'ning teseonse' ear: r e um-, a e . irilsiizlctors of the sevteral hgliitlllicdenisg districts shall ave discretion as mm to the time when the leave can be allowed without detriment to the service, and thelt algsence ondaccount of sickness shall be deducted f th leave ere y grante . _ NS;}. Ei That hereafter ost-lantern lights and other aids to navi- .t§?°i»t¤liigiFgalEg’, gation may be established) and maintained, in the discretion of the °‘°·