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980 S1XTY.THIRD CONGRESS. Srss. III. GH. 140. 1915. 0¤¤¤¤>¤• ·=1¤¤¤¤ To Thomas Ro ers, formerly of Virginia City, now a resident of "°"°°"°’““°‘* the state or Gaiiidigiiia, $440. To the le al representatives of James M. Thompson, deceased, late of Carson (§t , $3,730. To John Glirmzrnann, Carson City, $3,296. N¤¢¤¤¤¤¤>¤¤¤ Noam oanonma. To E. M. Allison, administrator of estate of Francis Allison, deceased, of Transylvania County, $550. To John E. Berry and Lovey T. Williamson, sole heirs of Esau Berry deceased, late of Dare County, $450. To Hardy A. Brewington, administrator of the estate of Raiford Brewi%ton, deceased late of Sampson County, $530. To illiam H. Buclxlin, of Craven County, $390. To Louise C. Smith, administratrix of Enos Case, deceased, late of Greene County, $120. To W`1lliam Cohen, administrator of the estate of Isadore Cohen, deceased, late of Edgecombe County, $532. To Lucy A. Dibble, administratrix of the estate of Sylvester Dibble, deceased, late of Beaufort County, $705. To J. W. Howett, administrator of William Howett, deceased, late of Tyrrell County, $1,480. To B. A. Critcher, administrator of estate of Harmon Modlin, deceased, late of Martin County, $293. To John S. Morton, administrator of David W. Morton, deceased, late of Carteret County, $350. To Mary Lee Dennis, executrix of the estate of Levi T. Oglesby, deceased, ate of Carteret CountY» $182. To O. H. Perry administrator of the estate of George W. Perry, deceased late of Craven Count§ $4,350. To O. Robards, of enderson County, formerly of Boyle Count}, Kentucky, $1,980. To . A. Reagan, of Buncombe County, $240. To Jacob West, of Ha.rnett County: $215. To the Methodist Egaisccgal Ch1u·c South, of Beaufort, $1,280. To the trustees of ul Primitive Baptist Church, of Johnston County, $420. To the trustees of the Presbyterian Church of Lumber Bridge, $1,800. To the trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, of Morehead City, $800. To the trustees of the diocese of East Carolina of the Protestant Epriscogal Church (for church at Nags Head), $856. o the First Baptist Church of N ewbern, $1,200. To the deacons of First Presbyterian Church of Newbem, $3,300. To the trustees of the Primitive Baptist Church of Newport, $350. To the trustees of the Roanoke Island Baptist Church, of Roanoke Island, $330. To Bushrod W. Nash, trustee of the Union Ba tist Association, successor in interest to the Hood Swamp Baptist Church, of Wayne Count}, $650. To ames W. Adams, in his own right, and as heir of Solomon N. Adams deceased, of Pamlico County, $2,325. To (ieorge H. Bellamy, administrator of the estate of John H. Thees, deceased, of Brunswick County, $1,820. To the trustees of the Catholic Church of Washincglton, $4,000. To the trustees of the Methodist Episcopal urch South, of Washington, $4,500. To the trustees of the Presbyterian Church of Washington, $4,500.