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1050 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. IL Ch. 161. 1917. postage, telegrams, furniture, typewriters, including exchange of same, messenger service, compensation of kavasses, guards, dragomans, and porters, including compensation of mteipreters, and the msp°°°1`°g°°°s` compensation of dispatch agents at London, N ew ork, San Fran- Pm . cisco, and New Orleans, and ior traveling and miscellaneous expenses me oihsgaig. Dm"' of embassies and legations, and for printing in the Department of State, and for loss on bills of exchange to and from embassies and legations, and payment in advance 0 subseriptions for newspapers (foreign and domestic) under this appropriation is hereby authorized, $398,585. TRANSPORTATION or DITIJOMATIC AND CONSULAR omucnns IN como

  • 1:0 AND RETUBNING Fnom rnmn Posrs.

'*""°“°¢°‘¥’°”'°· To pay the actual and necessary expenses of transportation of diplomatic and consular officers in going to and returmng from their posts, or when travel.Lun-g under orders of the Secretary of tate, at the rate of 5 cents per e, but not including any expense incurred in connection with leaves of absence, $50,000. STEAM LAUNCH Fon EMBASSY AT CONSTANTINOPLE. Tgggm *°“¤°‘*· Hiring of steam launch for use of embassy at Constantinople, ` $1 800. y onomvn RENT or r:MBAssY AT roxro, JAPAN. G'°¤¤d¤*¤*· ·l°P°°· Annual ground rent of the embassy at Tokiyo, Japan, for the year ending March fifteenth, nineteen hundred an eighteen, $250. ANNUAL EXPENSES or cam SPARTEL uerrr, COAST or Monocco. °¤P°SP"°•‘L‘=**° Annual lproportion of the expenses of Cape Spartel and Tangier Light on the coast of Morocco, including loss by exchange, $250. BBINGING noun CRIMINALS. m§Lf¤¤*“= ”°’°° °'**¤· Actual expenses incurred in bringing home from foreign countries persons charged with crime, $5,000. nmscumo smrwnmcxnn AMERICAN snAnn·:N. m,§,§;,&°°"*°¤ “’S“‘ Expenses which maay be incurred in the acknowledgment of the services of masters an crews of foreign vessels in rescmng American seamen or citizens from shipwreck, $4,500. nunRcr:Ncu·:s Amsmc IN rim DIPLOMATIC AND CONSULAR snnvrcn. E*”°’¥°”°*°°- To enable the President to meet unforeseen eme encies arising in the Diplomatic and Consular Service and to extenrel the commercial NNW lm cx and other interests of the United States and to meet the necessary ,,,,m_ ny expenses attendant upon the execution of the neutralit Act, to be

  • ‘· S—»=*°·”‘:P· *°· expended pursuant to the requirement of section two llundred and

_ ninety-one of the Revised Statutes, $150,000, together with the unex- _,’°"““°°,,,,’ p_§65"°“"_ ‘ pended balance of the appropriation made for this object for the fiscal year mneteen hundred seventeen, which is hereby reappropriated and made available for this purpose. Annowaxcn ro wmows on mama or DIPLOMATIC orrrcnns WH0 nm ABROAD. d “°‘””“'° Payment under the provisions of section seventeen hundred and R. l749,I>·311. fortyemne of the Revised Statutes of the United States to the widows or heirs at law of diplomatic or consular officers of the United States dying in foreign countries in the discharge of their duties, $5,000.