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SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 161. 1917. 1051 TRANSPORTING REMAINS or DIPLOMATIC orrrcnns, CONSULS, AND CONSULAR Ass1s·rAN*rs TO rnnrn nouns ron INTERMENT. For defraying the e enses of trans ortin the remains of di lo- B"¤¤*¤¢ **°¤° ra matic and consular oiiigers of the Unigad Stgtes, including consiilar mmm°m°m' assistants, who have died or may die abroad or in transit, while in the discharge of their official duties, to their former homes in this country for interment, and for the ordinary and necessary expenses of such interment, at their post or at home, $5,000. INTERNATIONAL BUREAU or wnronrs AND MEASURES. Contribution to the maintenance of the Intemational Bureau of ,,§§‘°§,'}‘“$,%,S fg}, vYBlghl»S and Measures, in conformity with the terms of the c0nven— ¤¤¤¤r¤S- tion of May twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and sevent -five; the V°l`2°’p`m` same to be paid, under the direction of the Secretary ofy State, to said bureau on its certificate of apportionment, $2,895. INTERNATIONAL BUREAU Fon PUBLICATION or cUs·roms TARIFFS. To meet the share of the United States in the annual expense for ,.,{,§‘,"'Up,,‘?,°’£°§‘,,,,,';°,‘”" the year ending March thirty-fi1st, nineteen hundred and eighteen, "°'·”·P·*5*& of sustaining the international bureau at Brussels for the translation and publication of customs tariffs, pursuant to convention proclaimed December seventeenth, eighteen hundred and ninety, $1,500. INTERNATIONAL D0UNDA1nY co1nnss1oN, UNITED STATES AND unxrco. To enable the commission to continue its work under the treaties B§,§‘,,§,§,§,”‘{;{,§‘,',},‘{,{ of eighteen hundred and eighty-four, eighteen hundred and eighty- sigeélugjmioll, V0, nine, nineteen hundred and five, and the protocol of May snxt .¤a,p.`15iz?`v¤1.é4,pZ eighteen hundred and ninety-six, between the United States and 2“°3· Mexico, $22,500. BOUNDARY LINE, ALASKA AND CANADA, AND run UNITED s1*A·rns AND CANADA. To enable the Secretary of State to mark the boundary and make ,,,§ _· "'“°" the surveys incidental thereto between the Territory of Alaska and V°*· 3% P- 1****- the Dominion of Canada, in confomiity with the award of the Alaskan Boundary Tribimal and existing treaties, including employment at the seat of government of suc surveyors, computers, draftsxnen, mmm, Umm, and clerks as are necessary; and for the more effective demarcation sat: me d;%¤S. and mapping, pursuant to the treaty of April eleventh, nineteen ‘°°’°‘ ' hundred and eight, between the United States and Gyreat Britain. of the land and water boundary line between the United States and the Dominion of Canada, as established under existing treaties _ to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of State, mcluding the salaries of the commissioner and the necessary engineers, surveyors, draftsmen, computers, and clerks m the field at the seat of government, rental of offices at Wmhnlgtnon, District of Columbia, expense of printing and necessary trave g, for payment for timber necessarily cut in determmmgm e boundariv line not to exceed $1,000, and commutation to mem rs of the fie d force while on field dut or actual expenses not exceedinv $2.50 per day each, to be e ended in accordance with regulations from time to time prescribedxhy the Secretary of State, $105,000, together with the unex· _ pended balances of previous appropriations for these objects:_ Bro- l{’{,°v'L°,;E w com vided, That hereafter advances of money under the alpgropriation mamma. " Boundary line, Alaska and Canada, and the Unite tates and Canada/’ may be made to the commissioner on the part of the United