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SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. SEss. I. Ch. 117. 1916. 119 RETIRED JUnoEs: Salaries of `udges retired under section two R°°i’°di“d8°¤· hundred and sixty of the Judicial Code (Thirty-sixth Statutes at Large, V°l· 3*% P·u61· page eleven hundred and sixty-one), so much as may be necessary or the fiscal year nineteen hundred and seventeen. Counr or Approved, Drsrnrcr or Comrmnmz Chief justice, $7,500; DQEQ ,,}’§,,1’,°§},’,*{,°,”,§l?* two associate justices, at $7,000 each; clerk, $3,250, and $250 additional as custodian of the Court of Appeals Building; assistant or _ depigtiy clerk, $2,250; re rter, $1,500: Provided, That the reports 1§_Q'{,'Q§;‘§’g_ issu lily; him shall not sold for more than $5 per volume; crier, who sh also act as stenographer and typewriter in the clerk’s office when not engaged in court room, $1,200; three messengers, at $720 each; necessary expenditures in the conduct of the clerk’s office, $1,000; three stenographers, one for the chief .justice and one for _ each associate justice, at $1,200 each; in all, $36,710, one-half of ,§,'{,l{,,,,{'°“‘ D“"i°° which shall be paid from the revenues of the District of Columbia. Su mm com D,S_ SUPREME C0UE·r, Drstmrcr or CoLUMnrA: Chief justice, `$6,500;t:1c¢l¤irce1umb1¤Z five associate justices, at $6,000 each; six stenographers, one for the chief justice andone for each associate justice, at $900 each; in all, Hm from District $41,900, one-half of which shall be paid from the revenues of the menus. District of Columbia. Ymwmm mk Commrssrormn, YEr.Lows·roNn Penn: Commissioner in Yellow- cammssitm. ` stone National Park, $1,500. The revisions of section twenty-one of the legislative, executive, and judibial apdpropriation Act aapproved V°'· 2°* P· 18** May_twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred an ninety-six, sh not be construed as imp ` the right of said commissioner to receive said salary as herein pmrdgged. Comnssronnn or Gucmn Nyrrouan PARK: Commissioner in §,,"jf§,§,§,*},',,’§,·,_ Glacier National Park, $1,500. The rovisions of section twenty- one of the legislative. executive, andp judicial Act 5-.lpproved May V°l‘ 29* p‘ 18** twen3y—eighth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, sh not be construe as impairing the right of said commissioner to receive said salary as herein provided. Books M indicia, Bo0Ks Fon JUDICIAL orrronnsz For purchase and rebindinv of emws. law books, including the exchange thereof, for United States judges, district attorne s, and other judicial officers, including the nine libraries of the Ilnited States circuit courts of appeals, to be expended _ under the direction of the Attorney General: Provided, That such fp°§§.'{l;'§;m,,; to suc. books shall in all cases be transmitted to their successors in office; mmall books purchased thereunder to be plainly marked, "The property of the United States/’ $16,000. Counr or Cusroms A.rr>EAr.s: Presiding jiudge and four associate A§§,1f°,,,_ °‘ °“"°"" judges, at $7,000 each; marshal, $3,000; cler , $3,500; assistant clerk, $2,000; five stenographic clerks, at $1,600 each; stenographic reporter, $2,500; messenger, $840; in all, $54,840. For rent of necessary quarters in Washington, District of Columbia, ,,,,§s§°u°°°°°S "' and elsewhere, $7 ,000; books, periodicals, stationery, supplies, traveling expenses, freight, telephone and telegraph, heat, lig t, and power Service, drugs, chemicals, cleansers, furniture, and prmtmg; pay of bailiffs and all other necessary em loyees not otherwise specifically provided for; and such other miscellaneous expenses as may be approved by the presiding judge, $5,870; in all, $12,870. com 0,C,a,m_ Cotmr or Cnumss Chief justice, $6 500; four judlges, at $6,000 each; chief clerk, $3,500; assistant clerk, $2,500; ailiii, $1,500; C1€Yk$‘—0I10 $1,600, three at $1,400 each, two at $1,200 each; stenographer, $1,200; chief messenger, $1,000; two assistant messengprs; three firemen; three watchmen; elevator conductor, $720; two la orers; two charwomen; in all, $56,680. · Audhm 6,,, For auditors and additional stenographers, when deemed neces- ’ sary, in the Court of Claims, and a stenographer, at $1,600, for the chief justice, to be disbursed under the direction of tZhe_ court $7,000. Cmmgau,_xpmS__ For stationery, court library, repairs, including repairs to bicycles,