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120 i SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C1-1. 117. 1916. fuel, electric light, electric elevator, and other miscellaneous expenses, _ $3,900. R°*’°"“" "°°'”°"" For reportingfthe decisions of the court and superintending the printing of the _ ty-first volume of the reports of the Court of Claims, - R_S_,m_m5_p_3H_ $1,000, to be paid on the order of the court to the reporter, notwithv¤1.ia,p.iw. standing section seventeen hundred and sixty-five of the Revised §tat(pl-tees ordsection thfree of the Act of June twentieth, eighteen i un an seventy our. cus ssggr of ttlae bru§ldi1§ olppupied by the élourt of Claims, to pai on e o er t court notwit standing section $afi§?°;fiY>59ip'3H` seventeen hundred and sixty-five·of the Revised Statutes or section phree of the Act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy- our. . · ¤pI::lmi°i, .¤m?¤i3 Sm. 2. Thglte the pay ¢g:ht;elxepho11;e—switchbo‘:;.rdhoperators, assistané. , · · messengers, men wa en borers an c arwo e 'd M md for in this Act, except those em lroyed in mints and assaynbflilcdgoilrrllegs otherwise specially stated, shag be as follows: For te1ephone-switchboard operators, assistant messengers firemen, and watchmen, at the rate of $720 per annum each; for laborers, at the rate of $660 per annum each; assistant telephone-switchboard operators, at the rate No Pay for Wm of $600 each, and for charwonien, at the rate of $240per annum each. maya incapacitated Szc. 3. That the appropriations herem made or the officers, ¥’°"’°“ :§1;’ks{0;n;lh°pmsoI:11s elnpilioyed pi the public service shalltgpt bpl avail- _ co on o any persons mca `t t ` Typmmng m__ than temporarily ior performing such service. pam a 0 ammo eigl:,_ mmm 0 'lilhfms pp part (pf anytggorgiegyuiippropdated by this or any mhpm, _ c s uring earnineteen hundred and or seventeep for the purchase of any typewrlting machine at a price in excess o the lowest price paid by the Government of the United States for the same make and substantially the same model of ma.- c}1nne_dur1ng the fiscal year mneteen hundred and fifteen; such price Empmm s all irlilclude tthe vague of any typewntmgmachine or machines given in exc ange, _ ut s all_ not apply to special prices granted on tvpewnting machines used m schoo _ of the District of Columbia or oil the

 $:1311;% 12:5 Lcgwgigggvciginzhfspwial prices pai;] for typewriting

, 0 . , _ 2*9 u um Pur h h l : &’*·‘*°€2:-=.::·.i—.:.z·:.·:...:i £Z1“;’;";’;i;’ai sssemezr Brian *Th¤ iii · . _ _ er 0 e t t the changes in any typewriter are_of such structdurarll gliargcthvr is Ed ggaansi gastxim wgegétngteIiahigiwmuzagcgéngigotawgzhin tl? limitagons oi this section. punco re-_ · • _ _ mpnalonsm Olllt- At . me m of Qiagen service atgVV§shmg‘ton, name of c.1i‘m§bi§°'§§§‘ni pot e_deta1led for service outside o the District of Columbia except or or in connection with work pertaining directly to the service at Proviao. the seat of government of the de artment or th G mpanmm, 0, m_ bl. hm f h, _ 0 er overnment ,,,,8 mvemwkms EL esta is _ ent rom w ich the detai is made. Provided That nothxpm. mg in this section shall be deemed to apply to the investigation of anyt 1p;ag;§;8pg·ufg1Ipt péepgsrgzmn, prosecution, or defense of any suit Double salaries r ' mem, c. 6. That unless otherwise s ll th ed ‘> P·¤¢.p·5S2~ money appropriated by this or any hgh; hclrshssllllue aggildhlg gd; i p§1y11l1;1§ln&t1tgHpnytper£son_5we§Hng more than one salary when the oun o ‘ ¤~»~m wm, bg; in. .h.if‘l10fZp“§i§S i$"$2ide2d°h£rrZ`é1£ Si fE;.°°A°.m*’§' } li l avy, or arine Corps whene tl · ’ ifi to public ofice or whenever Ytllle l;i·é§<l1;§;l?s(l1;IllPa)pnptoq1ilt0Itl$di%1i;t€ili>if 4 ~ i _ office bg and with the advice and consent of the Sen te I L_ ‘ and en `sted men of the Organized Militia and Na :1 hllllitp Qmcflirsj ~ several States, Territories, and the District of Cohuhbia tm m tl 8 Approved, May 10, 1916. ,