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254 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 208. 1916. nmwem 1 t dentin retersshall bechosen_i:n such manner as will make “°“·1·,;,,,,,; ,.-vi: W thi; selecticiidnlspnonputismr And further, That_ upon receiving such appointment each student mterpreter shall ign an agreement to continue in the service as mterépreterj to the embassy and consulates in Turkey so long as his said services may be required within a period of fivefyears. _ _ · _ rumen. For the payment o the cost of tuition of student mterpreters at the embassy to Turkey, at the rate of $125 per annum eac , $1,250. i.3°°°1°°i°° °°_°°m` No rson dra the salary of intexgpreter or student as above providlyd shall bewlggowed andy part of e salary appropriated for an secretary of legation oro erofficer. _ Total, $32,300. . mQ¤¤**·¤, fw ¤¤<*¤¤* ounmns ron mr: sr mmassms. i¤*¤v•¤ For rent of quarters for the student interpreters attached to the embassy to Japan, $600. ‘ _ 1¤ '¤`·¤k•¥· For rent of ekuarters for the student interpreters attached to the embassy to Tur ey, $600. Tot , $1,200. coxrmonm mxnuvsrzs, roruzron russrorws. ,,,,,‘,,°‘”°'”'*‘“’ ,,,g,,,,,,°"’°“"'·& To enable the President to provide at the public expense all such stationery: blanks, records, and otherybooks, geals, presses, flags, and signs, as e shall think necessary for the several embassies and legations in the transaction of their busine¤,‘a.nd also for rent, repairs postage, telegrams, furniture, typewriters, including exc of same, messenger service, compensation of kavasses, guards, Dh&h¤@ts. mans, and porters, including compensation of inte reters, and e compensation of dispatch agents at London New l`-gork, San Franin cisco, and New Orleans, and for traveling and miscellaneous expenses

 I of embassies and legations, and for printing in the Department of

State, and for loss on bills of exchange to and from embassies and legations, and payment in advance o subscriptions for newspapers g;>g;ig§5and domestic) under this appropriation is hereby authorized, mmsroarsuou or nrrmouxno AND c0NsULAn orwromas m como ro AND rcmmmrxo more mmm rosrs. ’1‘¤·•v•¤¤x ¤¤x>¤¤¤¤¤. To pay the cost of the transportation of diplomatic and consular officers in going to and returning from their posts, or when traveling under the orders of the Secretary of State, at the rate of 5 cents per mile, but not including any expense incurred in connection with leaves of absence, $50,000. srrzarr LAUNCH mn mnnssr AT ooss·rAm·mor·r.r·:. k_;f·¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤¤· Tur- Slfééroing of steam launch for use of embassy at Constantinople,


crzomm umn or mmsssr Air roxro, JAPAN. G¤>¤¤d ¤¤*»*¤v·¤- Annual gronmd rent of the emb t T J { ending Mm sem, nineteen hsniiirdged 3E.l°s.v2£?L`gnY§§*§3.’°“ ANNUAL nxrnxsns or cars srarzrnr. mom, coasr or rroaooco. <`¤:>eS¤¤¤¤\1is¤¢· Annual roportion of the f C S l ` nga 0.. ti?. coast of Mm.i¤?"£2i‘§°£¤§ lossulfy ..§2F§..g”$?$2l},`0°T‘g‘°*