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SIXTY—FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 208. · 1916. 255 nameme norm CRIMINALS. Actual expenses incurred in bringing home from fore' countries B""'“""""‘°°"'”‘ persons charged with crime, $5,000. lgn mk BESCUING snirwnmcxnn AMERICAN snnmr;. Expenses which may be incurred in the acknowledgment of the ,,,{_§{° “"*“8 °°“"“‘* services of masters an crews of foreign vessels in rescuing American seamen or citizens from shipwreck, $4,500. nunneimcrizs Anrsme IN run nrrnomyrrc AND o0NsU1..m snnvicn. To enable the President to meet unforeseen emerlgencies arising in F-magnets. · the Diplomatic and Consular Service and to exten the commercial Nmmmy Act °X_ and other interests of the United States and to meet the necessary mum. expenses attendant upon the execution of the neutrality Act, to be §"_2;°‘2°u'·,**, ‘°· expended pursuant to the reguirement of section two hundred and . » ninety-one of the Revised tatutes, $200,000, together with the V unwnded bdance of the appropriation made for this object for °l‘3°’p‘"°‘ the algear nineteen hundred and sixtecn,—which~is hereb'ls§;reap— gggggl mm in Eppriate and made available for this purpose: Provided at in w•mmgm,m. ` discretion the President may employ part of fund for. ay- · ment for personal services the of Columbia or elsew&re, 4m,p.1s. notwithstanding the provisions ofiany existing law. . — · anwwmcn ·r0 wmows on rmms or nrrmusrro omucmas wuo mn Aanosn. Payment imder the provisions of section seventeen hundred and ¤»‘i1ii];°i$°:¤rigta°m' forty-nine of the Revised Statutes of the United States to the R S 17 N rmwidows or heirs at law of diplomatic or consular officers of the United °°°°' '°‘ States dying in foreign countries in the discharge of their duties, $5,000. rnansronrmo xnuams or nirmuarro orrrcnns, OONSULS, nm _ coNsULAR ASSISTANTS ro rnnm nouns mn INTERMENT. For defraying the expenses of transporting th0•l*8Ill&l11S of diplo· ..¥§,,mE}°§m:£,,?° ”' matic and consular officers of the United States, including consular assistants, who have died or may die abroad or in transit, while rn the discharge of their official duties, to their former homes in this country for interment, and for the ordinary and necessary expenses of such interment, at their post or at home, $5,000. INTERNATIONAL BUREAU or wmmrrs mn umisunns. · Contribution to the maintenance of the International Bureau_ of of www •¤aB°i¢-B: Wixfhts and Measures, in conformity with the terms of the convention ’“{»°§;_ m_ ,,_ m_ of ay twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, the same to be paid, under the direction of the Secretary o State, to sand bureau on its certificate of apportionment, $2,895. INTERNATIONAL nunnsu Fon runucsrrou or cusroms ranmrs. rssnsuuu c To meet the share of the United States in the annual expense for ¤¤¤\¤g•h_'1‘&i¢§j g·r__¤··:°' the year ending March thirty-first, nineteen hundred and seventeen, of sustaining the international bureau at Brusselsfor the translation and publication of customs tariffs, this_appropr1ation to be immediate y available, pursuant to conyentron proclaimed December seventeenth, eighteen hundred and ninety, $1,500.