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255, SIXTY-FOURTH. CONGRESS. Sres. I. -Ch. 208. 1916. INTERNATIONAL nouimanr commission, Umrnn srarns AND Mnxroo. •¤!$°°°ii°$°:¤1m` To enable the commission to continue its work under the treaties “¥,'}’_‘§,·,p_,,,u, v,,,_ of eighteen hundred and eightiyfour, eighteen hundred and eighty- m.l512;V¤LN»P· nme, nmeteen hundred an ve, and the protocol of May sixt , gghteen huuszed and m.uety-six, between the United States and exico, $22, . notmnuzr Lum, Annan nm cnrana, AND rim umrmn sryrms aim caiuna. maB°d•°$K” Amb To enable the Secretary of State to mark the boundary and make v‘“· “·*"‘°“· the surveys incidental thereto between the Temtory of Alaska and the Dominion of Canada in conformity with the award of the Alaskan Boundary Tribunal and existing treaties, including employment at the seat of Government of such surveyors, computers, draftsmen, and Sgggzwd Vg md clerks as are necessary; and for the more effective demarcation and vu. ¤s,p.m. ma ping, pursuant to the treaty of April eleventh nineteen hundred and) eight, between the United States and Great liritain, of the_land and water boimdary line between the United States and the Donnnion of Canada, as established under exktixg treaties, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of tate, including the salaries of the commissioner and the necessary engineers, surveyors, draftsmen, computers, and clerks in the Held and at the seat of government, · rental of offices at , District of Columbia, expense of _ printingcand necessary trave , for payment for timber necessarily cut m' term1n1n§‘5the>be1mdary· line not to exceed $500, and commutation to mem rs of thelsield force while on iield dut or actual expenses not exceedmgr$2.50 per day each, to be expander; in accordance with regulations om time to time prescribed b the Secretary mm. of State, $111,000, together with the unexpended lialance of pre- ,,,;§Y,,,,‘§f" ‘° °°”*‘ vious appropriations for these objects: Provided, That hereafter advances of money under the appropriation "Boundary line, Alaska and Canada, and the United States and Canada/’ ma be made to the commissioner on the part of the United States and li his authority to chiefs of parties, who shall 've bond under such ruires and regulations and in such sum as the Secretary of State may direct, and accounts arising under advances shall be rendered through and by the commissioner on the part of the United States to the Treasury Department as under advances heretofore made to chiefs of parties. mrnsnarronu. nunnau xr mwssnns ron nnrn1:ss10N or rim arrucarr suvn mann. A§,;f,°§,’§’§,§°.{?,,,";j§*j’¤ To meet the share of the United States in the expenses of the WL 27. MH. s ecial bureau created by article eight ·two of the eneral act conf S Y g c uded at Brussels, Jul second, eighteen hundred and ninety, for the repression of the Airrican slave trade and the restriction of the importation mto and sale in a_ certain defined zone of the African Continent, of firearms, ammunition, and spirituous liquors, for the year mneteen hundred and seventeen, $125. mrnnnarronan raison comnssror:. ‘”“*'?"%”‘°°" *"iS°¤ For subscription of the United States as f Commmum. _ 8.Il 8. 0 the international Prison Commission, and the e(irhpeInvui?s1b1i%1Idb<(;brii)— mission, including preparation of reports, $2,550.