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10 SIXTY—FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cris. 25-27. 1916. ,b,¤,,g ggay ‘ ’ e ofWartoIoanonethousand FlS· L 15,7gl6- tents md-<?1i:thbmu;:nId°;•ol:tig1tl1:tilis•;1l>ing1;hg1§::h1;$nt of the United Confeder- [P¤b. Res., N0. 6.1 ate Veterans to be held at Birmingham, Alabama, in May, nmeteen hundred and sixteen. _ Resolved the Senate and House 0 Re esentatives of the United ¤g?°£°rlé°$i°t¤, v`ii°1iZ States y`A1Iiiye·r··ica in Congress assemblefd, Tgrat the Secretary of War "‘*”l§;‘l,,‘,§,,, ,,,,,_ be, an he is hereby, authorized to loan, at his discretion, to the ¤¤- ’ i entertainment committee of the United Confederate Veterans, whose encampment is to be held at Birmingham, Alabama, in the month of May, nineteen hundred and sixteen, one thousand tents and one §[,"§‘{;, thousand cots: Prowkled, That no expense shall be caused the United States Government by the delivery and return of said property, the same to be delivered to said committee designated at such time prior to the hold.i1% of said encampment as may be agreed upon by the Secret of ar and the chairman of said entertainment committee: md '°¤“*'•** Pr0vEd!;i¥{"urt}•er, That the Secret of War, before delivering sa1d tents an cots, shall take from saiiiir chairman of the entertainment committee a good and sufHcient_bond for the safe return of sa1d pro rty in good order and condition, and the whole without expense to tl; United States. Approved, February 15, 1916. Fiililuarhelésidii CHAP. 26.—Joint Resolution Authorizing the Secretary of the Na to receive for

 instmcti¢m_at the   States Naval Academy at Annapolis Mnvgarlos Hevia y

Reyes Gavilan, a citizen of (,,,1,,;;,,,,,,;,,,.,,,, Resolved by Senate and House of Re esentatives ¢y" the United °¤*“¤¤· States cj America in O ess assembled That the Secret of the in be admitted to we . r , ¤·l'{_I _ mvdammy. Navy be, and he hereby is, authorized to perxmt Mr. Carlos ev1a y 4 Reyes Gavilan, a citizen of Cuba, receive instruction at the United m@_ States Naval Academy at Annapolis: Provided, That no expense shall be caused to the United States ereby and that the said Carlos Hevia Conditions. y Reyes Gavilanshall agree to comply with regulations for the . pohce and discipline of the academy, to be studious, and to give his utmost efforts to accomphsh the course in the various departments of instruction, and that the said Carlos Hevia Reyes Gavilan shall not be admitted to the academy until he shall have passed the mental_and physical examinations alprescribed for candidates from the United States, and that he sh be immediate] withdrawn if defigpgtdiri studies, of conduct, and so recommendied by the academic Approved February 15, 1916. Februarv 15, 1916. [H. J. im. ss.] CHAP. 27.—Joint Resolution Makine · · U ·

the navy yards at N tw York and Mare Islanudtogaliifommllng ways md Equipment at Resolved by the Senate and House R ‘ Navy. . . 0 e esentatwes 0 the United p}£€§'S°'r¤?‘t;?;%’3f Smm of A’”?"“’“ '"‘ U°’W'e8$ a~$`$€mbZf{d,_'lZl1'.¤t of the miiene heretoing New rm me fore ¤PPT0P¤¤·l·€d Hilde? the Bppfopnation "Increase of tlire Nav Mare xsane asv · · » . Y: W5,s_ Y constructmn and machinery, m the Act making a pmprjations fmw¤,p.¤5a the naval service for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and $iXl?€€¤, 8pP1'0VQ<l March third, nineteen hundred and fifteen, the sums of not exceeding $100,000 for na ard New Y0;-k and not exceeding $500 OOO f vy Y ’ · · ’ hemb m d H rb] f or mw? Yiml, Mare Island, California, Zitrpmenl ¤J$a2£§“rEr "2t°’ “"’f"°§“*"‘°“f°‘ '°‘“"‘“‘g WWS and _ e cons ru ‘ C rs in those yMdS· c 1on o battleslnps or battle Approved, February 15, 1916,