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436 _ SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 271-274. 1916. · · , , ° andCharlto , ‘°f¥?$¤li‘° asking,£7w¤1`—m¤4:¢A:tma#pthpmm‘m¤*fn?e¤§"ei¤$i”M‘i:qIi_n.i:¤Fbk@u mea. all (r¤buc,N¤. 174.1 Gwisii- ° amend the Senate and House of Regrresentatives of the United ¤•*¤¤ ¥¤¤·R**;i Sjggettof Amerizbin Oonguae assembled That the consent of Congress ..§ ry' is hereby granted to theconmtmee of Nassau, Florida, and Char ton,

      • 1;,,,,,- "'§,,'}'“‘°• ‘£ Georgia, to build, maintain, and_o·perate a budgp across the waters

` of the Saint Marys River at a pomt suitable to e interests of navition, at or near Kolars Ferry, abmzt two miles below the Atlantm gmt Line Railway bridgp, States of Fiend; lag annum Georgia, m accordaneem the pzovmons of an Act entitle ” V"` l”’°`°°“ Actto to the construction of bridges over navigable waters, ap§rov h twentfthird, nineteen hundred and six. _ ·*¤•¤=¤¤¤*~ nc. 2. That the rig t to alter, amend, oryrepeel this Act is hereby expressly reserved. A _ Approved, August 7, 1916. Awfledlkiila CHAP. 272.-An Act To authorize the changing of the name of the steamnhip (Public, No, 175.] » B enacted theSenate‘ nd Home Re esentativee of the United "·”°“¤··" “°""" Statgsuo Ama-gh in &»vagre‘:e asennblgdj Tlllit the Commissioner of 2:% cl mms ¤¤- Navigagiron is hereby au orized and directed upon the agphcation of the owner, the Pacific Alaska Navigation (lompany, of ortland, Maine, to change the name of the steamship Arolme, official number two hundred and eleventhousand four hundred and twenty-snr. Approved, August 7, 1916. · , · , A 1,me _ ____ .. V, . bmi. b. -———-,P_§;@j___, ME Sgt n§`$‘sA§l$§‘t.?¢‘3Z.‘2§ hi ¤ts°°““&’s‘;dSt’€¢‘;‘§ ‘° °°“""’°‘ “ ”"‘° Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representativee of the United sum me mv:. State.; eg America in Oemgreee assembled, That the consent of Congrem ,,;,;’·,*;°,,‘;*;*’·,,$,3,,‘?*?‘},’; is hm y granted to the county or Saint Louis, in the State or Minne- 1>¤¤¤¤» sota, a municipal corporation orpanized and exist;1;&under and pursuant to the laws of the State o Minnesota, to b , maintain, and 0 rate a bridge across the Saint Louis River, at a point suitable to th): interests o navigation, between the State of Minnesota and the State of Wisconsin, commencing at or near the intersection of Cherokee Street and One hundred and thirty-fifth Avenue west, in the city of Duluth, Minnesota, at the subur an vill lmown as Fond du Lac, thence crossing the Saint Louis River in glibc at right angles . to the channel of said river to a point on the Wisconsin shore about one hundred feet westerly from the mouth of Dubra Creek, in accord- $<;,¤%*g- ence with the provisions of the Act entitled "An get to regulate the ` ’ ` constmcgjoni oi: btriwdgels ogprdnaviigable waters," approved March tent-t ,nme nun eansix. A¤¤·¤¢¤¤¤¤¢- wSno&. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby reserv . Approved, August 7, 1916. i§€"§{ 2,},% _ cna;. _274.—An Act Authorizing the Director of the cmu to cexiece me pub-

 hsh statistics of cotton seed and cottonseed products, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted Senate and House of Re esentatives of the United

 md States of America in Oonggress assembled, 'lqi,-at the Director of the

mzdm ,,0 bg ,,,,1, Census be, and he is here y, authorized and directed to collect and ¤*°¤¤*'Y- publish monthly stat1st1cs concerning the quantity of cotton seed