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SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Srsss. I. Ch. 417. 1916. 589 Noavy tthroughout the war or until the national emergency ceases exis . Members of the Naval Reserve Force shall, u ri first re orting'- ¤mU°”°°°mg“°*°it"“ for active service for training during each riodplif enrollmgnt, be · credited with a_uniform gratuity of $50 for ofhiiers and of $30 for men. Fwmiwmtmot Upon reporting for active service in time of war or national einer- wv- · gency the uniform gratuity shall be $150 for officers and $60 for men, · or the difference between these, amounts and any amounts that ma have been credited as a uniform gratuit during the current enroll}; _ ment: Provrkled, That should any memlier of the Naval Reserve 5Yr'$3.,,, mvmm. Force sever his connection with the service without compulsion on *“'Y‘”“*°¤"'°‘· part of the Government before the ex iration of his term of enrollment, the amount so credited shall be cliaducted from any money that mag be or may become due him. ’ ereaf ter, in shipping officers and men for service on board United iémizsgtiérvs States auxiliary v reference shall be given to members of the Fg Naval Reserve Force, , after two years from the date. of approval zweytm. t°’ ma of this Act, no gerson shall be shipped for such serviw who is not a · member of the aval Reserve Force herein provided, = . _ · V, . to Members of the Naval Reserve Force may, u n application, be dasseen 'pTi¤im¤.°m" transferred from one class to another class for wgish qualified under the provisions of this Act; and mayin time of war vo1unteer.for,and be assigned to duties prescribed for-,anyi classwhicb, theymay be - s deemedcompetenttoperform.{_ . as _, or mm The Secretary of the Navy prescribe a suitable flag, or pens V nant, that may be Hown as an infn on private vessels or vessels ‘ . of the merchant servicecommand by officers of the Naval Reserve ,,mm_ Force: Provided, That it shall not be ilownm lieu of the National commu 0 ° 0 hg Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized to establish schools calf? { mlm or camps of instruction at such times and in such localities as he may deem advisable for the pi.§pose of instructing members andgapplicants Adm,,,,,m_ for membership in the aval Reserve Force._ No applicant shall be accepted for instruction unless he agrees to abide by the regulations of the school and pursue the course prescribed by the Secretary of the C,,.,mc,,,, on ,0,,,. Navy. Persons who satisfactorrlyg complete the course will given P'•°*¤8 °°°¤°~ certificates of qualification for the rank or rating for which duly qualified, and may be permitted to enroll in the proper class of the Awmpmim ,0, rmerve in such rank or rating. For the purpose 0 carrying mto •¤P•¤•••· effect this paragraph of the Act there is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropr1ated,_$30,000, which is hereby made available to be expended as the of the Navy mag direct in the necemary equipment and maintenance of such schoo and camps. _ · rum ruvar. ansmrvn. ""°N"‘"""‘"‘ All former oiicers of the United naval service, mcluding ¤a§:°i1sgr'1ii:l$lz?m°°”’ midshipmen, who have left that service under honorable conditions, and those citizens of the United States who have been, or may be entitled to be, honorably discharged from the naval service after not less than one four-year term of enlistment or after a term of enlistment during minoritgg and who shall have enrolled in the Naval Reserve Force shall eligible for membership in the Fleet Naval Reserve. , . » _ In addition to the enrollments in the Fleet Naval Reserve above m2;i°£?!°°° °‘ Mm rovided, the Secretary of the Navy is authorized to transfer to the Fleet Naval Reserve at any time within his discretion any enlisted mum. man of the naval service with twenty or more years’ naval service, S""°° and any enlisted man, at the expiration of a term of enlistment who