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1496 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 142. 1917. °¤¤¤>¤¤°*¤*¤=·°¤¤· To Edward H. Bergmann, of New Mexico, $1,200. To W. J. Goodwin, of New Mexico, formerly of Woodruff County, Arkansas, $2,980. To Prairie County, Arkansas, $13, 200. ·‘¤¤>¤=¤¤¤ ALABAMA. To the legal representatives of Isaiah Attaway, deceased, of Macon Count , $275. To Jane P. Paulk, of Bullock County, $635. To the trustees of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Pleasant Springs, $350. G•·¤¤¤· c11:o1;erA. To the trustees of the First Baptist Church of Rome, $870. K·¤¤¤¤ky· 1¤=m·r¤o1¤r. To R. W. Harris, administrator of James P. Harris, of Floyd Count , $330. S To this vestry of Ascension Protestant Episcopal Church, of Mount ter , $825. Tdutge fiscal court of Oldham Coimty, $1,100. To the treasurer of the Christian Church of Stanford, $420. L°®¤# LomsrANA. , To Madeleine Lement, administratrix of Pierre Lement, of Saint Land.r§Parish, $295. To ate P. McWaters, Magaret McWaters Bell, James H. Mc- Waters, B. P. McWaters, an Moses McWaters, 'unior, in equal shares, heirs of Moses McWaters, of West Feliciana Barish, $950. ““""""’· MARYLAND. To the heirs of William H. Bradshaw, of Frederick County, $137.50.

  • “¤'¤¤¤>P*- mssrssrrm.

$3"lf;c50the trustees of the Protestant Orphan Asylum at Natchez, m"°“"‘ mssomzr. To William W. Green, of Camden County, $270. N"' °"°""‘ Noam CAROLINA. To Sarah F. Trenwith, eirecutrix of C. F. Simpson, deceased, of Craven County, $815. To the deacons of the Baptist Church of Beaufort, $250. °"‘° emo. To the trustees of the African Methodist Episcopal Church of Galhpohs, $250. S°°mC°'°"”" soma CABOLWA. of To Jtigmolztgcgagé partner of the Erm of Duncan and Son, $1'lg<zx;he trustees of Beaverdam Baptist Church, of Marlboro County, To the trustees of Saint Johns Baptist Church, of Bamberg County, $275. _