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SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 142, 143. 1917. 1497 TENNESSEE. ° ¤i¤*¤—¤¤¤· To Lulu H. Doyle and Anna V. Berry, sole heirs of Patrick H. and Margaret E. Watlrins, deceased, of Hamilton County, $333.34. To the trustees of the Hobson Methodist Church, of Davidson County, $1,800. To_the treasurer of the corporation of the Cumberland Presby- terian Church of Chattanooga, $500. To the trustees of the Christian Church of Columbia, $375. To the trustees of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Murfreesboro, $900. To the trustees of the McKendree Methodist Episcopal Church South, of Nashville, $1,200. To the trustees of Liberty Springs Missionary Baptist Church, of Stewart County, $475. vmorma. V"g*‘““ To Lucy E. Johnson and John A. Johnson, sole heirs of Armistead M. Johnson, deceased, of Loudoun County, $784. ` To the session of the Presbyterian Church of Greenwood, $100. To the trustees of the Christian Church of Suffolk, $540. WEST vmomra. w"‘V"$*‘“°~ To the legal representatives of Josiah M. Davisson, deceased, of Taylor County, $720. Hglo the trustees of Christ Protestant Episcopal Church, of Bunker ` , $300. Sec. 2. That the foregoing several sums be, and they are hereby, ·'*P""’*""““°“· appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropI'18l38d, IOP l3hB PHTPOSBS of this Act. Legal represents. Sec. 3. That in case of the death of any claimant or the death “"°“· or discharge of the executor or administrator of any claimant herein named, payment of such claim shall be made to the legal representaQ P,,,,,,,,,_ tives: Provided, That where a claimant is dead the administrator, mB¤¤¤ ¤1¤<1¤¤i¤mr¤· executor, or legal representative shall iile a certified copy of his ` bond, which bond must be at least equal in amount to the sum hereby H ir appropriated: Provided further, That in all cases where the ori al or is¤lg¤::°`i¤miiat°¤Kii c aimants were adjudicated bankrupts payment shall be margimte ‘“*’“’Y· the le al representatives or next of kin instead of to the assignees S,,,,,,m,,,,°n ,,1 me in barilcruptc : Arid provided further, That wherever under this Act M ¤¤¤¤¤ or exwuw, it is providedy that a payment be made to an executor or an admin- °°°’ istrator, whether original or ancillary or de bonis non, and such executor or administrator is dead or no longer holds his office, pay- mfpnt shall be mails tel the qpccessop therein} his tglee to hold such o ice bein estab ishe to the satis action o the cret of the B Treasury; §nd wherever under this Act it is provided tm a pay- auiisimmtmmmm ment be made to a corporation or quasi corporation and such cor eration or quasi corporation has been merge in or consolidated with another corporation or quasi corporation, ayment shall be made to the corporation or quasi corporation which the consolidation or merger has been made. Approved, February 27, 1917. CRAP. 148.-An Act For the relief of Riverside Military Academy. rings;-y réjggir, . .1 · .; Be it enacted by the Senate and House oélgfezfresentativea of the United States of America in Congress assemb , hat Riverside Milit Riverside unam- Academ , of Gainesville, Georgia, and its bondsmen be relieved ofaiill -*“§g‘;§;{a mes ns, responsibility on bond given to the United States by the Riverside bi1i¤v¤¤ bond. po