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SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cris. 84, 86, 87. 1916. 12 61 twenty-one thousand and fifty-three, is hereby renewed and extended for a period of fourteen years from and after the passage of this Act, with all the rights and privil es pertaining to the same as of the original patent, being enerallyinown as the badge of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Approved, April 20, 1916. CHAP. 86.-An Act To validate a certain title whereon the purchase money has April 26-1916- been pdd on a private sale byorder of the United States district court for the middle lS· 356**] district of Pennsylvania, at number eighty-three, June term, nineteen hundred and [rrmm, No.15.] ten, sitting in bankruptcy. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _ States of America in Oonmess assembled, That the sale of real estate to §f,,'§‘,§§,,°p‘§· *§§{§‘s·0, Glenora G. Harms, made by Charles West, Frank Houck, and {‘<§od§s¢¤r¤ fe. v¤1¤-. William C. McConnell, receivers of the American Umon Telephone Company, for the consideration of $5,000 in cash, which sum was said by said Glenora G. Harris to the said receivers and by them istributed to the creditors of said bankrupt corporation, and the deed made in ursuance thereof, under and y virtue of an order or decree of the United States district court for the middle district of Pennsylvania, at number eighty-three, June term, nineteen hundred and ten, sitting in bankruptcy, said deed being dated the sixth of January, anno Domini nineteen hundred and thirteen and being of record in the recorder’s office of the count of Clearfield, in the State of Pennsgllvania, in deed book one hrmdied and ninety-seven, page two hun ed and fifty, are hereby validated and confirmed, notwithstanding that said order or decree was for a private instead of a public sale. Approved, April 26, 1916. . (IEA?. 87.-An A For relief of New land Coke Com an , A **126 1*16- owner of the Americanctbarges Emilie and Camie,i%i§ Bru Kins'terud [gang- skibsaktieselskab, owner of the Norwegian steamship Hesperos. IPriv¤¢¤, N<>· 16-1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United n ,_ States of America in Congress assemble , That the claim of the New ,,,,%“'€?{~,,,,,,,,¥"‘“§,, England Coal and Coke Company, owner of the American barges gggsyshiv "H<··n¤> Emilie and Cassie, and the claim of Bruusgaard Kiosterud Damp· creams ar damages skibsaktieselskab, owner of the steamship Hesperos, for injuries {KY §_°§*€?,‘{,‘},,§',,§§R alleged to have been suffered in collisions which occurred in Elizabeth ¤¤*>¤;¤¤¢¤·d ¢<> dismvi River, Virvinia, on October eighteenth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, °°`”’ between the United States steamer Arethusa and said barges and United States steamer Arethusa and the Hesperos, for and on account of the damages resulting to said barges and said steamship Hesperos, respectively, by reason of said collisions, may be submitted to the United States court in the district in which smt shall be tiled by the United States to recover dama es and losses by said collision, rmder and in compliance with the rules of said court sitting as a court of admiralty; and the said court shall have jurisdiction to hear and D°‘°“‘“"““°“·°'°‘ determine the whole controversy and to enter a judgment or decree for the amount of the damages sustained by reason o said collisions, if any shall be found to be due either for or aglsiinst the United States, upon the same rinciples and measure of liab tg, with costs as in like cgses ty between private parties, an with the same right o a . Srila. 2. That the mode of service of process shall conform to the "’°°°"“'°· provisions of the Act of March third, erahteen hundred and eighty- V<>1-¤4.1>- we seven, entitled "An Act to provide for 0 bringing of suits against ' the United States." Approved, April 26, 1916.