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1262 SIXTY·FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 94, 99-101. 1916. ·?,r3,*iL27_,2{g,1§'~ C CHAP. 94.-An Act For the relief of the United States Drainage and Irrigation


[Private, N 0. 17.] . . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re esentattves of the aggtlii/idni§1t;;°§fis¤ii)3$Z United States of America in Omgress assembled, 'llliat the Secretary

  • ’“§§ym,,,H0 fhTruryb dh° by h`d ddsirtdt

· _ ote eas e,a.n eis ere ,autorize an ece o pay to the United States Drainage and Irrigation Companly, a. corporation ezdstinghunder the laws of the State of New or , out of any money in e Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $9,498,43{mY§1ich&€&1m isalherel1;y appropigalted, gielsaing goeing ayment in or ition wor pe orme y said United States Drainage and Irrigation Comgany under its certain contract with the War Department, dated ecember fifteenth, nineteen hundred and eleven, for jetty work at the mouth of Broadkill River, Delaware. Approved, April 27, 1916. A rms, me.

 cnn. eo.-Au Act For the rene: et James seam.

s¤···Sr::·“·~ U£$a”sm““at.m Zymmw SME “"dt..H°“5;,.£z£aR$F£‘i°'£’i€'“’éi?e‘”( ‘”” aymm - in ongr ass a e retary of th;) ’II`reasiugtbe;,0andfhIe‘6 is ereliyil ?thorized and directed to ay ames an n 0 avenwo ansas out o any mone in the Treasury not otherwise approprihted, the sum of $1,912.43; the same being for extra work performed by said James Stanton pin alepgtratgs witglittl? War Department, da b_June e¥hrt•l;,knineteen un r an eig or grading pa our an hauling on Grant Avenue, 'Elort Leavenwbrth;7l§ga;nsas. mg, · Approved, April 28, 1916.

 Of   Act For the relief of Ellis P. Garton, administrator of the estate

[Privute,No.19.] · O · SJ _ Be it enactedb theSenateaml Houseo Re entaf th cgliitirgfgiiélggtseilied to United States of in Congress assembled, 'gii. jurigvdigcttidn ig hereby conferred upon the Co1u·t of Claims to rehear, retry, determine, and Hnally adjudicate the claim of Ellis P. Garton, administrator of the estate of H. B. Garton deceased, numbered seventy thousand and seventziyjfive, Indian depredations, in the Court of Claims, to awar Eiecggment therein as fully and completely as if the petition had not n dismissed. Full jurisdiction and power is heremy given to the Court of Claims to rehear and retry said claim upon evidence that has been or may be presented upon a hearing in said case. Approved, April 28, 1916. ’§f“l”·{°‘$· cnn. 101.-1 · t it 1 · A n. · · » s·.,,c¤·,.g www TP;-»_’R;f“,§,_% naw, to credit °&`e_.a°E¤°P“§L%?.tm? O? ‘i. ang, ...°.?.?u.a... or tfii.?.."‘i

  • revenue gsi; the glollectgon district of Tennemee, in the sum of $2 034.89 being the

!Epl'€8€l1 UVB V 110 0 l!1`l'£1'I13l-1’BV€l1l.l8 W€I'% taken from the omce of mid collector by an act oi burglary. _ _ Resolved by the Senate and House 0 Re entati th U ited driewiitriiiws. States of America ·in_0'engress assemblid, 'lzliinat the igdciglzary oin the Treasury be, and he IS hereby, authorized and directed to credit the stamp account of Edward B. Craig, as collector of internal revenue for the collection district of Tennessee, m the sum of $2,034.89, being the representative value of certain internal-revenue documentary stamps which, on the night of June twenty-third, nineteen hundred