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424 TWENTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 217. 1830. sent of such settlers or occupants, as may be actually residing on said Pf<>vi¤<>· lands at the time the same shall be entered or applied for: And provided, also, That the amount of land thus located, shall not exceed two hundred and sixty thousand acres. QWMM of Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the provisions of the tim

   and fourth sections of this act, shall extend to and embrace owners of

mms, military land warrants, issued, by the United States, in satisfaction of claims for bounty land for services during the revolutionary war; and that the laws, heretofore enacted, providing for the issuing said warrants, are hereby revived and continued in force for two years. Virginia ri-oops Sec. 7. And be it jnrther enacted, That the provisions of this act shall °¤ ¤9¤¤¤¤¤t·¤1 also be deemed and taken to extend to all the unsatisfied warrants of the °mbh°h‘“°'"‘ Virginia army on continental establishment: Provided, That the quantity thereof shall not exceed fifty thousand acres, in addition to the two hundred and sixty thousand acres heretofore authorized to be located by their state line. Approved, May 30, 1830. Srisrvrr: I. W- May 3i. l830L Gun. CCXVII.—.L7n dc! making ajnrropriations for certain expenditures on [0b5D1cm_] account of the engineer, ordnance, and quartermastefs department. Be it enacted by the Senate and Ho1rse of Representatives of the United _ States of America, in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby, appropriated, to wit: B,,,,,,ck,_ For the erection of barracks and the purchase of land at Fort Crawford, Prairie du Chien, twelve thousand dollars. B,,,,,ck,,_ For the payment of the land upon which the barracks are erected at Houlton, in the state of Maine, six hundred and twenty-nine dollars and twenty-one cents. B,,m,,k,_ For the completion of the barracks at New London, and for a portico to the officers’ quarters, two thousand five hundred dollars. B,,.,,,ck,_ For barracks, quarters, hospital, and storehouses at Green bay, fifteen thousand dollars. B,,,.,,,,k,_ For the completion of Jefferson barracks, in the state of Missouri, eight thousand seven hundred and thirty-five dollars. St,,,.,,h,,,,,,_,_ For the erection of a storehouse for the subsistence and quartermaster’s departments at Baton Rouge, three thousand five hundred dollars. B,,,.,,ck,,_ For the erection of barracks at Key West, and for ditching, draining, and clearing, the ground required to be used for military purposes, fineen thousand dollars. Road. For opening a road from Green bay to Winnebago lake, and thence to Fort Winnebago, two thousand dollars. Road. For the completion of the military road in the state of Maine, forty- seven thousand four hundred and fifty-one dollars and seventy-two cents. Barracks, For the erection of wooden barracks for the troops at Fortress Monroe, ten thousand two hundred dollars. Natrona} ar. For the purchase of five and a half acres of land for the use of the m0ry· national armory at Springfield, in Massachusetts, two thousand two hundred dollars. Arsenal. For the erection of a new fire-proof arsenal at the national armory at Springfield, in Massachusetts, sixteen thousand dollars. Arsenal, ste. For the national armory at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, viz: For extending the walls and embankments which convey the water from the Potomac river to the works, nine thousand three hundred dollars; for erecting a forging-shop, tilt hammer, and new work-shop, six thousand five hundred dollars; for the erection of ten additional dwelling-houses for the workmen, ten thousand dollars; for slating the roofs of the present workshops, three thousand two hundred dollars.