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SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 22. 1917. 95 liordpay of one skilled pressman in the printing office, headquarters Unite States Military Academy, $1,100. _ _ _ For pay of one charwoman, headquarters United States Military Academ , $480. For of ojrie rglressenger for the Superintendent of the United States "tary ca em , $720. For pay of one skilledycopyist, confidential stenographer, librarian, typewriter, and attendant in the department of mathemat1cs,_to be appplinted by the Superintendent of the United States Military Aca em , $1,000. For ii of one steno a her thewriter, and clerk in the medical S‘°“°g"‘Ph°’»°*°· P Y sr P »m§l-il _ , department and department of tary hy ene, to be appointed by the Superintendent of the United States lifilitary Aca emy under the Act of Congress approved March fourth, nineteen hundred and V°1‘37·p·86°‘ thirteen, $840. . . All the money hereinbefore appropriated for the p)ay of the Military A°°°`mtmg` Academy shall be disbursed and accounted for y officers of the Quartermaster Corps as pay of the Military Academy and for that · purpose shall constitute one fund. C For current and ordinary ex enses as follows: t°x?lus°s' For glielpxpepses of this memibers of the Board of Visitors, $750, or B°°'d °fV“‘“?”· so muc thereo asma enecessa , $750. . Contingencies for suirierintendentilbbf the academy, $3,000. . Sup°imm`l°uf Repairs and improvements, namely: Timber, lplanks, boards, m§,§?S““°‘”‘¥"°"°‘ joists, wall strips, laths, shingles, slate, tin, sheet cad, zinc, nails, screws, locks, hinges, glass, paints, turpentine, oils, varnish, brushes, stone, brick,.flag, lime, cement, plaster hair, sewer and drain pipe, blasting powder, fuse, iron, steel, tools, machinery, mantels, and other similar materials, renewing roofs, and for pa of architect overseer and citizen mechanics, and labor employedy upon repairs and im rovements that can not be done by enlisted men, $40,000. I H lgor fuel and apparatus, namely: Coal, wood, charcoal, stoves, F°°’ ghtmg’°t°` grates, heaters, furnaces, ranges and fixtures, fire bricks, clay, sand, and for repairs of steam—heating and coal-conve apparatus, grates, stoves, heaters, ranges, furnaces, and mica, and re air, impppvement, and maintenance of power plant, $45,000: grovided, {’,{,°,;’,"_,,‘{,,,,,,,, ,m,,,_ at $5,000_of this sum shall be immediately available. me. For gas pipes, gas and electric fixtures, electric lamps, telephone and lig ting] supplies, lamp-posts, gasometers and retorts, and annual , repprrs of the same, $6,500; or fuel for cadets’ mess hall, shops, and laundry, $10,000; For postage and tele ams, $375; P°°“‘K°·"‘°· For stationery, namely, blank books, paper, envelo es, steel pens, S°°¤°°°'y‘ rubbers, erasers, pencils, mucilage, wax, wafers, foldlers, fasteners, rules, tiles, ink, inkstands, thewriters, thewriting supplies, officc furniture, (penholders, tape, rliisk knives, bllotting ads, and rubber bands, an for contingencies not otherwise rovicled for, $2,500; T mm For transportation of materials, dischargedp cadets, including Pull- ' man accommodations, and $3 per day or fraction thereof for subsistence and other expenses for the necessary number of days' travel over the shortest usually traveled route, and for ferriages; for hire of camp sites for cadets on {practice marches, for trans ortation of first class of cadets to and rom Gettysburg battle Heidi for transportation of first and second class to and from Watervliet Arsenal and Sandy Hook Proving Ground or other ordnance establishments, including a visit to a steel mill, and for expenses of officers detailed $0 accompany cadets on these trips, $8,000. mm Printing: _ or printing and binding, type, materials for office, in- ' cludrng repairs to motors and machinery, diplomas for graduates, annual registers, blanks, and monthly reports to parents of cadets, and contingencies, $2,500.