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SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 45. 1918. 511 ~September twent(y—foumh,&emetee1lr helndred aind sevent_teen,bo1];1];1por; lik dir ti approv may e epos1te in mem er a 0 the} Fedi:(ial)Il.¢;nerve System, or in any of the Federal reserve banks, or be_used from time to time, as wel1_ as any other funds of the Corporatio? in thet§u.r1eh3se er redempltion of anyhboregrs islspedrilgydthe Fodml reserve or ora ion. e e era reserve are ere a o e o banks ms bg dg ,. actlas depositaries for and- as fiscal agents of the Corporation in the eggsiiygz fmpim general perfotrgariee oflehc;Bpowem_confe1·;1ed by this teitleé ?egml; merqend °£°$‘£-. ning six mon ter the rmmation 0 e war, e a 0 suc termination to be fixed by a proclamation of the President of the lilnited States; the zlirectojs of_:’;1e]‘go_rpo1gat%otre1 shall ptroceec} 31) hgmteitsasse an owm up1 airs u_ e ors_o e orpdration in their discretion, may, from time to time, prior to such $€‘“e0““d mil d“"°Z°;°fW ’°°`“`I;§“‘* ‘*’ °°?§2 "1‘i.*’°“°Z$&"%? EH here *0 be Wd e rporaion. y. aancere aming r ep ury- · its debts shall into the Treasury of the United States as miscellaneous receipts, and thereupon the Corporation shall be dis- Sogei 16 That (1 all b ds · use by the ompmaos sian be a¥%"‘“ °‘°'“"° "°‘“ mo. . any an on iss _ e · exem t, both as to princgal and interest, from all taxatwn now or P°"’p° M5' hereaiiter imposed by the nited States, any State, or any of the possessiorm of the United States, or by any local taxing authority Empum except (a) estate or mlhemlflance taxes, an (b) ggaduated ‘ income taxes commo y own as surtaxes an excess-pro war-profits taxes, now or hereafter ixglposed by the United States, upon the mcome or profits of md1v1du , partpershipg, gggpplpatxons, o'fo , The`trestonanamounto suc 0 e nngi‘p§S0§1$4vhi<?li does nldlz {exceed in the aggregate $5,000, owned by ‘ _ any individual, partnership, corporation, or association, shall_ be Cmmmm mmm exefnpt fromfthe th:;rBes&Drgfe·Lr•ed to claiuse (b). The Cprpcglnlatioie, tromulltmition. incu its ranc capit an reserve or surpus ereo and the income derived therefrom shall be exempt from all taxat1o1i · now or hereafter imposedtgg the {Tmted States, any State, or any of the possessions of the Uni States, or by any local taxing authority, Rea, pmpmy u_ except that any real propegrity of the (zelrporation 11::.111 be sublect eg mpm. State, county, or municip ta.xes to e same ex t, acco its value, as other real ropert is taxed. Sec. 17. That the United Sbtates shall not be liable for pay- s§{}$`ihi2i1ii’6$igtZi$ll ment of anlybboniil orb other obligation of interest therlelogihiesued °"’°"*’°“‘“°"· or incurre y the orporation nor s 1t mcur any y in res§>ect of apiylact or omission of the Corporation. _ _ · _ Pun,shm°m0rmak_ nc. 18. at whoever (1) makes any statement, knowing it to ngigehszaamssaa be false, for the purpose of obtaining for himself or for any other ° "‘°°°°· persog, firm, corporation, orfassocnationtelny advance unckar this title, shall e punishe by a fine o not more an $10 000 or y imprisonment for not more than five years, or both. _ , , _ Owmmng mw, Whoever willfully overvalues any security by whrch any such ties same at aaadvance is secured, shall be punished by a fine of not more than ‘”“‘°°°" $5’vqvii)’ °" b’鑧"’{?Qi§.‘i‘“°“Z,i,°”“‘}2“§§§° 2*3““30€`rZ‘£s’£i°2il°g’ ‘$£§°'i.*3¤d www ······~· oever _ y_m_ es, r _ _ _ _ _ sa. §°E£§3‘,3'5;i."§§¤ms§'€é3“%§“t§£ if-’ $3 “‘p...sP”“"“'iii’€‘..,‘£.i las*···=· ·*¢·· W or publishes, or attempts to pass, utter, or publish, any fcéged; &£s“¤`3‘“5f°i*°d *’f2.‘§dw.’ ·°°.,g“‘£§’.“’ 22.p“€§'b%“iP§‘$1“g¤$2db°r‘5S“.d Zi? Mmm ·~=· _ a ion, o e s e a e, rg * cbunteiiiianted; or (3) falsely alters any such bond? coupon, or poeper; ;,,,§¥,,, °u°'°d or ({1) passes, utters, or pubhshes as true any falsely alte or $pl1rl0l1S bond, coupon, or Exper issued or purportingsgo have been issued by the Corporation, owing the same to be fa ly altered or spurious, shall be pnmished by a fine of not more than $10,000, or by imprisonment for not more than five years, or both.