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512 sixTY-F11r·rH ooivennss. Sess. 11. os. 45. 1918. 6c@l’°“'*°“‘“““’Y°" Wihoever, being connected in aurlijy capacity] with the Corporation, ` _ léggikgz gse www (1) embezzles, abstracts, or willf y misapp `es any moneys, funds, m '° ‘ or credits thereof, or (2) with intent to de rand the Corploration or any other company, body politic or corporate, or any in `vidual, or to deceive any officer of the Corporation, (a) makes any false entry D _ rd em m afy boogx, repcgt, (pr statemglnt of the Coiéporation, or (b) without wm,. ”,‘}° my ·» authority rom the irectors laws an or er or assigns any note taumomy bond, draft, mortgage, jud ent, or dlecree thereof, shall be pun; · ii“ ished bg a fiiine of not moge th an $10,000, or by imprisonment for not more t an ve years, or ot . ' D°“’°“°“·, ’“"°"· The Secretary of the Treasiuy is hereby authorized to direct and m"°mi 1188 the Secret Service Division of the Treasui1J·y Dpipartment to detect, arrest, deliver into custody of the nite States marshal halivilrhg jurésdigzggn any person committing any of the offenses pim- IS a eun er section. · °,§}‘“"""'Y ‘§,S'°, Sec. 19. That the Corporation shall file uarterly reports with the negiisuieegiixmd. Secretary of the Senate; arid ivvghghe Cgerlk of thetgillousehof Representatives, statin as o the t a 0 eac mon of the quarter just ended (1) tge total amount off capital paid in (2) the total amount of bonds issued, (3) the total amount of bonds outstanding, (4)hthe togal amoizngs of legivapcei maids underdeach of sectgons seven, e` t an nine 5 a `to tecassesan amounto securities tied under earih of such sections, (6) the total amount of advances outstanding under each of sections seven, eight, and nine, and (7) sptgi other information as may be hereafter required by either House o ongress.

  • ““""'°P°"· fThe1?orporation shall msglke- a repcigz t;>A1Cgngress on theffirst day

o eac re§1.\a.r session, in' a et e statement o receipts and expen `tures. Sec. 20: Section nity-two hundred and two of the Revised Statutes Nationalbanh. of the United States is hereby amehded so as to read as follows: I§§°§Yf‘§E,§$“§§,?2’f°gj _ "Sec. 5202. No national banking association shall at any time be 1¤Q,¤6{¤§g¤¤l;1¤;15h mdebted,_or m any way liable, to an amount exceeding the amoimt ' ’ ` 1ts_cp]pgail speck at suclil time actually paid in and rteniaining unimmis e osses or otherwise, except on account o emands of the nature fohowing: °i=¤¤l¤¤¤S ¤¤¤¤=· "First. Notes of circulation. D•r¤¤i¢¤- "Second. Monetys deposited with or collected by the association. D¤"~*·°*¤· Billie engzhaipgehor drafts drawn aigainit money actually on eposit to thecre ito the association or ue thereto. D***°°¤¤=·¤¤=~ "Fourth. Liabilities to the stockholders of the association or divi- F dends and reserve profits. bm§‘;§f“ "°°°“'° 1** R"FifthALiabilities incurred under the provisions of the Federal eserve ct. Fm °°*¤°*°“°° ·*s‘ th Li bilit' · ed (1 ui · · r uabmmt ix . a ies mciur un er e provisions o the War PM. v· ¤313· Finance Corporation Act." Capital Issues Com- T __C I CO mittgqh ITLE . APITAL SSUES MMITTEE. °”°F°d· _ Sec. 200. That there is hereby created a committee to be known bii:li?°m°m°¤t°‘mm as the “Capital Issues Committee," hereinafter called the Committee, and to be composed of seven members to be appointed by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the iegpiateai RAt Ieaspg three of the members shall be members of the er eserve oard. ,,,,E*;,.§§}§‘f’,,.,°‘°;,;,..§.‘2 No member, officer, attomey, agent, or employee of the Committee ,;‘;gj£;5°@;;8 www shall in any manner, directly or indirectly, participate in the deter- ’ mmation of any question ailectinguhis personal interests, or the interest of any corporation, partners `E, or association in which he is directly or indirectly interested. efore entering u on his duties, each member and omcer shall take an oath faithfulljv to discharge