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34 SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1917. CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE AUDITOR FOR THE NAVY DEPARTMENT. C*’?"‘}’ ”·ll*l‘"° by For pay miscellaneous $24. iialiilziigbior MW D9 For pay; Marine Corps; $252 _ _ For transplortation and recruiting, Marine Corps, $56.40. For pay, aval Academy, $32. _ For pay of the Navy, $2.923.56. _ For freight, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, nineteen hundred and sixteen $6,076.21. _ For construction and repair, Bureau of Construction and Repair, vox. 28, p. sez. $45 . . . For indemnity for lost property, naval service, Act March second, eiglhteen hundred and ninety-five, $3,747.24. _ or destruction of clothing and bedding for san1tary reasons, $53.30. . CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE AUDITOR ron THE INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. $§é§§§0,¥§§,?,§, $,,*1 ger Zurtieyinglgie publiflz lands, $31.18. =- or eo ogica urvey 5 cen s. For (purchase and transportation of Indian supplies, nineteen hundre and sixteen, $2,550.59. For (purchase and transportation of Indian supplies, nineteen hundre and fifteen, $26.20. For pnurchase and transportation of Indian supplies, $462.05. Igor dian school, Wahpeton, North Dakota, nineteen hundred an sixteen $129.18. For support of Indians of Klamath Agency Oregon nineteen , I I hundred and sixteen, $50.82. _For Indian school, Salem, Oregon, repairs and improvements, VOM], p_ 61 L mneteen hundred and sixteen, $135.57. _ For idemnity to certain Chickasaw Indians for losses, treaty of June twenty-second, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, $2,585. CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE AUDITOR Fon STATE AND OTHER DEPARTMENTS. ggiiigijlxtilillliletiii For salaries of vice consuls (Act of February fifth, nineteen hundred ‘E’0,_38:’;f;06. and fifteen), nineteen hundred and fifteen, $58.34. For transplortation of diplomatic and consular officers, $138.95. _For misce aneous expenses, Supreme Court, District of Columbia, mneteen hundred and fteen, $350. For general expenses, Bureau of Biological Survey, $40. §or genpral expenses, Liglghouse Servicigei $2 7.80. or con inqent expenses. epartment 0 a or $3.70. cmior contingent expenses, Department of Cbmmerce and Labor, 50 s. For fees of clerks, United States courts, $72.33. mlgogfiees o§9c’;>r)r;)m1ssioners, United States courts, nineteen hundred een, ... . For miscellaneous expenses, United States courts, $600. cLAms ALLOWED BY TEE Atrnrron Fon THE POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. AtIiii§?s£li»($¤i°§ FOP Shipment Qf Supplies, 36 cents. Department. For compensation to postmasters, $318-74. For clerks, first and second class gist offices, $200. For temnpora%and auxiliary cler in post offices, $45.60. For Ra wag ail Service, salaries, $10. F or Rural ehvery Service, carriers, $36.90. Approved, April 17, 1917.