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SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 86. 1918. 583 tar of the Interior may prescribe to govern the filing, determinin ami, settlement of said claims, and the cla.ims so submitted and filed Adl¤di°**¤°¤·°*°- shall be considered and adjudicated under said rules and regulations not later than six months after the ex iration of the time above P t limited for the filing of the claims, ami) shall, if approved by the °ym°n‘ Secretary of the Interior, be paid out of the tribal) funds of the _ Cherokee Nation. Uplon the expiration of the time limited in this b,,F‘{,‘§,‘§§ ’§’}}}““5’§,,,§g Act claims ?ainst the Cherokee Nation shall be forever barred, T1’¤i¤i¤gS¤h<>¤!· and all of said tribal funds then remainin to the credit of the Cherokee Nation shall be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior for buildinlgr and furnishing an additional dormitory for the Cherokee Orphan aining School, near Tahlequah, Oklahoma. That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized g£’{‘{},l$cE3§§;; and directed to allow credit -the settlement of the accounts of William M. Baker, as cashier and special disbursing ent for the Five Tribes, for the sum of $5,356.13, pardaiy said disbursing agent to sunday Indian policemen in reimbursement of their exppenses or board an lodging while on duty at their headquarters su quent to July first, mneteen hundred and fourteen, said pay- ments having been disallowed by the Comptroller of the Treasury as being prohibited by the Act 0 A ril sixtli, nineteen hundred and V°I· °8· P· 31* fourteen (Thirty-eighth Statutes at llaarge, page three hundred and e` hteen). J F mmm lgfhat the Court of Claims is hereby authorized and directed to ciauiisremwliyste hear, consider, and adjudicate the following matters of J . F. McMur- §§‘,$§‘{;‘:,'§n';'a‘,§*;,‘g§£ ray, as assiglnee of the Erm of Mansfield, McMurray and Cornish ¤f¤1¤i¤¤s· against the hoctaw and Chickasaw Nations of Indians, or either of 6_,§_`°l· 3* PP- “1·“°· them, for rofessional services rendered, for said nations in the case of "The Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations versus The United States and the Chickasaw Freedmen/’ under Act of Congress ap§roved July first, nineteen hundred and two, entitled "An Act to rat and confirm an agreement with the Choctaw and Chickasaw Trililes of Indians, and for other purposes," and for expenses incurred under sections thirty-one, thirty-two, and thirty-three of the same Act of Congress and for. payment of two unpaid Chickasaw warrants issued by tribal authorities under act of legliilature of the Chickasaw Nation approved by the governor of the `ckasaw Nation on September twentieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, and afterwards bfy the President of the United States; and to render judgment there or in ;,g,§'§E{'{,§‘}l.l,‘{dl§? mid such amount or amounts as may be found to be due thereon, together with interest from the date of such services or payments at the legal rate of interest prevailing at the time and place o such transactions; which `udgment, if any, against said nations or either of them shall be aid by the Treasurer of the United States out of the funds of _ said) nations as their interests may appear: Prmnkled, That as to any {;§§§,’§§g by ,0,,,,,,,. such claims so sued upon the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, or 0* S¤*·<>¤= ¤d· either of them, shall be permitted to interpose all proper defenses by ` way of counterclaim or set-off against either the assignors or the assignee of said claim, all statutes of limitations against said set·-offs or counterclaims being hereby waived, and all amounts found due to said Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, under the above grilovision, mm I ml i . shall bear interest at the legal rate: Prmnlled further, at any hg., ° ° amount found to be owing, calculated upon a fair and equitable basis, by the said J . F. McMurray to the said Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations upon coal-·mini leases held by him may be offset a ainst any uggment that mayilie rendered in his favor upon such claims: i {mm P _ further, That if any of such leases are ound not to be ,,,,{,fl°{'Q,‘§§l§t°”`° underlard with merchantable coal and all of said leases upon which royalties are not paid within thirty days after the final settlement of Service ofprmg these matters, the same shaH be canceled; and notice of filing of such