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584 SIXTY—FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 86. 1918. suits by the said J. F. McMurray shall be served upon theéiplrincipal chief of the Choctaw Nation and the governor of the `ckasaw Nation, and said nations shall be represented therein by attornpgs _ for said nations, res ectively, and by the Attorne General of e ,,,§,\° ,,°§Y,,$Z United States: Provided, That the Secretary of the liluterior is hereby i¤¤d· authorized to adjust, by mutual agreement with the interested parties herein, under the terms hereof and within sixty diggs after its approval by the President of the United States, any or of the matters covered by the above provisions, and should such agreement be made by the Secretary of the Interior he is herebg authorized and directed to make requisition upon the Treasurer of the United States for the payment of the same out of any funds of the Choctaw and md umd Chickasaw Indians as their interests may aHpear, and the '1‘reasurer Bmw ml shall pay the same: And further, at the Court of Claims shall require the said J. . McMurray, upon filing suit in (pursuance hereof, to give a sufficient bond, with two or more good an sufficient sureties, to abide the 'udgrpent of such court in said suit, and in case the Secretary of the terior should arbitrate such claims and counterclaims he shall require the said McMurray to give sufficient t S h I security to abide the award of such arbitration. qfIi?§£iZ.° ° °° That the Secretary of the Interior is herebioauthorized to with- ,r;},,*§,j§g*,y;¤,§'}‘,,*;}{;gf draw from the Treasuézlof the United States, m funds on deposit Vo1.39,p.9S3· to the credit of the `ckasaw Tribe of Indians in Oklahoma, the sum of $15,000 to be used for construction and ent of dormitories at the Murray State School of Agriculture, omingo, Oklahoma, and to be immediately available, in addition to the sum of $50,000 provided for the same use by section eighteen of the Indian appropriation Act of March second, nineteen hundred and seventeen. °’°g°"· OREGON. .,,§;.‘§"°'*·°‘°··°"“` Sec. 19. For support and civilization of Indians of the Klamath K1¤m¤thAz¤¤<{S· A¥ney, Oregon, including pay of employees, $6,000. Ag,’g,E“’ SP““¤‘ or gixmport and civilization of the confederated tribes and bands. igpcéer arm Springs Agency, Oregon, including pay of employees, _ , 00. ‘”‘°“"‘*·*g°“°Y· For support and civilization of the Indians of the Umatilla Agency, Smm_ h I Oregon, including pay of employees, $3,000. _ _ _ i °° °° - Iror support and e ucation of six hundred Indian pupils, including native Indian pupils brought from Alaska, at the Indian school, Salem Oregon, including pay of superintendent, $113,000,; for general repalps and improvements, including drainage of school farm, $20,000; in a , $133,000. S,{§§§“‘§’g§,§{‘§’ §",}‘l For support andcivilization of Indians at Grande Ronde and Siletz ¤*=¤{¤S· Agpncies, Oregon, including pay of emtploiyees, $4,000. ,,§°"‘““‘ “°“°"°‘ or maintenance and operation o the Modoc Point irrigation tkgqgggenliomt irrisw system within the Klamath Indian Reservation, in the State of van? ze, pi1071. Oregon, $4,000 reimbursable in accordance with the provisions of the Act of March third, nineteen hundred and eleven, and for completing construction of the Modoc Point irrigation system within the Klamath Indian Reservation, in the State of O n, $3,000, to be immediately available and to remain available 1mlz?gx ended, reimbursable in accordance with the provisions of the Act of lilarch third, nineteen Iljgggv-of mt m_ hundred and eleven: Provided, That the limit of cost of said project ersqea. fixed by the Act of May eighteenth, nineteen hundred and sixteen,

;‘· lfgmm is gerelgg changed frqm $170,000 t0_$572;Org0;   ¤.ll&$7,000.

e,,_S`j nf; _ - or e ose o encour H1 us an se -su rt amo S PPO W the K1&IH&&u$']bB of Indiansagiuigregou, and to aid theiiipiii buildjiig homes, the culture of fruits, gram, and other crops, $400,000 or so much thereof as may be necessary, which sum may be used for the purchase of such animals, machinery, tools, implements, and other