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SIXTY-FIF TH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 86. 1918. 585 equipment necessary in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior to enable the Klamath Indians to become self-supporting, to be reim- tigggilsgéxrcl mm bursed, within five gears from the date of this Act, from the funds accruinfg to the cre it of said tribes in the Treasury of the United States rom the sale of timber and unallotted lands on the Klamath Reservation, under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe. PENNSYLVANIA. Y¤¤¤¤v1v¤¤i¤· Sec. 20. For support and education of seven hundred Indian pupils C“"‘s1°S°h°°l· at the Indian schoo at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, including pay of superinte1rident,7$132,000 ; for general repairs and improvements, $15,000; in a , $14 ,000.

 D A_ South Dakota.

Sec. 21. For support and education of three hundred and fifty Fl°°d”““S°h°°l‘ Indian pqpils at the Indian school at Flandreau, South Dakota, and for pay o superintendent, $72,000; for general repairs and improvements, $8,000; for repairing damages caused by fire in industrial building, $4,500; for replacing and repairing equipment contained in industrial building, $2,000, the last two sums to be immediately available; in all, $86,500. Pumschwl For support and education of two hundred and fifty Indian pupils ` at the Indian school at Pierre, South Dakota, including pay of superintendent, $52,000; for eneral repairs and imfprovements, $6,000; for iifstallation of new bo§ers and construction o boiler stack, $5,000; in a , $63,000. _ _ For support and education of two hundred and seventy-five R°P'dC"y S°h°°l' Indian pupils at the Indian school, Rapid City, South Dakota, including pay 0 superintendent, $57 ,000; for general repairs and improvements, $5,000; for irrigation, drainage, and improving school farm, to remain available rmtil expended, $3,000; additional appropriation for new school building, $15,000; in all, $80,000. S, For supwrt of Sioux of different tribes, including Santee Sioux of tiriigix °f m°r°°t Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota: For pay of Eve teachers, '$‘j,‘}f’{§'% °,§f,; one physician, one carpenter, one miller, one engineer, two farmers, ’ ` and one blacksmith (article thirteen, treaty of April twent —ninth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight), $10,400; for pay of second blacksmith, and furnishing iron, steel, and other material (article eight of same treaty) $1,600; for vpay of additional employees of the several ,,,§ddm°”°l °”“’l°" agencies for the Sioux in l\ ebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota, $95,000 ; for subsistence of the Sioux and for purposes of their civiliza- i¥,l’?§°§?`§56_ tion (Act of February twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy- p,,,,,,,,_ seven) $200,000: Provided, That this sum shall include transporter- '1`*¤¤$P°**¤*i°¤· tion ot] supplies from the termination of railroad or steamboat transportation, and in this service Indians shall be employed whenever practicable; in all, $307,000. For sup ort and maintenance of day and industrial schools among %°§}f"{{§‘,,_,_,,_ the Sioux Indians, including the erection and repairs of school buildings, $200,000, in accordance with the provisions of article Eve of the agreement made and entered into September twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, and ratified February twenty- eighth, eigilliteen hundred and seventy-seven (Nineteenth Statutes, ,,m,,_,_ {Ego two undred and fifty-four): Provided, That the unexpended· R¤¤¤¤~¤=i¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤¤ ance of the sum of $300,000 appropriated by section twenty-one °°'inIL§,'l$tpir.u¤¤. of the Act of March second, nineteen hundred and seventeen ('I`li,rr` ty- V°’·“·P·°“* ninth Statutes at Large, page nine hundred and eighty-eight), for a<§]uiring, constructing, or enlargement and equipment o school b dings on the Crow Creek, Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Standing Rock,