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sixrY.F1rrH coxeanss. sm II. cu. 108. 1918. 629 Provided, That $1,000 of this appropriation be, and the same is hereby, made immediately availab e. For water pipe, plum ini, and repairs, $7,000: Provided, That $1,000 of this gppropriation e, and the same is hereby, made immediately availab e. _ _ _ _ _ _ , $4g(51£)II18t»6I°18.l and labor for cleaning and pohcing public buildings, l<`or supplies for recitation rooms not otherwise provided for and for renewing and repairing f1u·niture in same $1,000. Increase and ex ense of library, namely: For purchase, preserva- L"‘“‘T· tion, care, storage, liinding and repair of books, periodicals, pamphlets, maps, pictures, and manuscripts; Opurchase 0 f1u·niture, cases, stationery, and fittings; for expenses making copies of military manuscripts in other li raries, and for contingent expenses not otherwise provided for; purchases to be made in open market on the written order of the superintendent, $7,200. com M M For contingent funds, to be expended under the direction of the demic umm. ’ academic board: For instruments, books, repairs to apparatus, and _ other incidental egpenses not otherwise provided for, $500: Promkled, »{YT°,,,,'{",,,°,g,,, ,,,,,1,,,,% That all technic and scientific supp `es for the de artments of instruction of the Military Academy s all be purchased) by contract or otherwise, as the Secreta.? of War ma deem best. ummm M Purchase of instruments or band andy repairs to same; for pur- Pp ` chase of reeds, pads, strings, and other materials necessary for brass, wood, wind, and string instruments; for purchase of music stands and other eciluikpments; for purchase of music for military band and orchestra an or extra parts; and for contingent expenses not otherwise provided for; all to be purchased in open market on order of supprmtendent, $1,500. Landry epairs and improvements to the laundry machinery and appa- ` ratus in the cadet aundry, and the purchase of new material, tools, and so forth, to be expended without advertising, and to be immediately available, $25,000. C Repair and purchase of cooking utensils chairs, tables, and other mt m°°°' furnitiue in the cadet mess, an the replacement of same, to be expended without advertising, to be immediately available, $10,000. Pawn, or the policing of barracks and bathhouses, $15,000. Cm . For supp ying light and plain furniture to cadets’ barracks, $28,000. ° °°`:"°k" For mamtainingbthe ch1ldren’s school, the Superintendent of the Childrensschool. Military Academy eing authorized tmemploy the necessary teachers, $4,780. · For the purchase of desks, chairs, and proper office furniture for the instructors’ office in the riding hall, $200. For pmchase and repair of Hre-extinguishing apparatus, $1,000: i}§,°$,£Z?“°“°“‘ Promkled, That section thirty-six hundred and forty-eight, Revised §°‘g°*;{g*’;m m Statutes, shall not apply to subscriptions for foreign, proigssional, and " ’P' other newspapers and periodicals, to be paid for from any of the foregoing alppropriations. Tota , miscellaneous items and incidental expenses, $119,390. . BUILDINGS AND cmoumpg, grgiuggldings and For cases, materials, fittings, fixtures, and other appliances and etgrdmm mum"' repiairs for ordnance museum in headquarters building, $1,500. or repairs to ordnance laboratory and other buildings pertaining to the department of ordnance and gunnery, and materials for roads and walks, and for repairs to machinery and tools, $150. For general repairs to the cadet laundry building and for emergency incidental expenses about building, to be expended without _ advertising, $j&00: romkied, That this sum be, and the same is Amountforlsundry- hereby, made immediately available.