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rnocLAMA·r1oNs, 1918. 1855 great nation and government we love into existence, because it grows clearer and clearer what su reme service it is to be America’s privilege to render to the world. Tliie anniversa of the discovery of America must therefore have for us in this fatefiil, year a eculiar and thrilling significance. We should make it a day of ardent re—dedication to the ideals upon which our government IS founded and by which our present heroic tasks are inspired. NOW, THEREFORE, I, WOODROW WILSON, President of the u_S§§‘}'8""j,%P,';’,,§§°‘Q,b,$,{ United States of America do appoint Saturday, the 12th day of gwliq <1¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ October, 1918, as Liberty Da . (gn that day I request the citizens to ¢°1i$ui%gnr of every community of the Ilnited States, city, town and country bm side, to celebrate the discovery of our count in order to stimulate a generous response to the Fourth Libertyrlboan. Commemorative addresses, pageants, Harvest Home Festivals, or_other demonstrations should be arranged for in every neighborhood under the general direction of the Secretary of the Treasury and the immediate direction of the Libertv Loan Committee in cooperation with the United States Bureau of Education and the public school authorities. Let the people’s response to the Fourth Liberty Loan express the measure of their devotion to the ideals which have guided the country from its discovery until now, and of their determined purpose to de end them ang` gualrtlantee their tfiumph. Ll D col b au H Ma _ or the urpose o partici ating in 'berty a e rations (,,,.,°m,,,,Y,,,,,"“ employés 0]; the Federal Govgrnment throughout the count? whose ¤¤¤· wwwservices can be spared may be excused on Saturday, the 12t day of October for the entire da . IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have herenmto set my hand and caused the seal of the Uznited States to be affixed. _ DONE in the District of Columbia this 19th dag of September in the year of Our Lord One Thousand ine Hundred and [SEAL.] Eighteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the One Hundred and Forty-third. Woonxow W1LsoN By the President: Ronnkr L,xNsrNc, Secretary of State. Br run Pansmnur or run Umrnn Srxrns or Aunmca - A PROCLAMATION IVHEREAS, There exists upon the southern coast of Alaska a belt itiii¤iii:ileil1=i:Aiilv1i’!ii¤(ln¤l of unusual volcanic activity which has during the last several years *"'°°“’bl°· exhibited at various points energy of a violence which attracts the special attention of scientihc watchers, AN D IVHEREAS, Mount Katmai, one of the volcanoes in this belt, has roved upon investigation to have unusual size and character, andp to be of importance in the study of volcanism, inasmuch as its eruption of June, 1912, was one of excessive violence, rankirg in the first order of volcanic explosive eruptions and emitting sever cubic miles of material during its first three days of activity, AND WIIEREAS, The results of this eruption are still fresh, cdering excellent opportunities for studying the causes of the catastrophe and its results and affording a conspicuous object lesson in vclcanism to visitors interested in the operation of the great forces which have made and still are making America, 5D WHEREAS, The volcanic neighborhood is shown by the explorations of the National Geoga hic Society to contain many other striking features of an active voldanic belt produced so recently