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1856 PROCLAMATIONS, 1918. that th are still in the formative stage; and in The Valley of the 'lyen Thousand Smokes, a valley of hot springs in a condition pf devpllopment goxard a powibéglgutipezhgew iie 3; m distinction romt e resen e r 0 e ows ne, AND &lIER yS:ronderland may become of popular scemc, as well as scientific, interest for generations to come, masmuch as its phenomena exist upon a scale of great magnitude, arousing emotions of wonder at the mspmng sipectacles, t us affording inspiration to atriotism and to the stu vg of nature, _ _,;';+.*$,·¤*'“°*¤¤*°¤'· Now, miznmronn, 1, woomzo wnsou, President of the United States of America, bg virtue of the power and authority in me v°l'“'°‘m' vlested by section itvxirxf the Ailté of Congress ent1tlgdJ"An gc}; t e reservation o erican ti uities," a rove une , (34 gtat., 225), do proclaim that (there are lilireb reserved from all forms of appropriation under the public-land, laws, and set Mmmm apart as the Katmai National Monument, certain lands particularly escmbed as follows, to wit, begmmng at the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey triangulation station, latitude 57 ° 52’ 17 .040", lonéitude 155° 05' 20.331", established in 1908 about one-half west of atmai Ba§on top of a hundred foot bluff on the Alaska'Penmsula, named Cape ubugakli; thence north 40° 00’ west to the intersection with ongitude 155° 40' ; thence due north to the intersection with latitude 58° 35’ ; thence due east to the intersection with aline _ bearing north 60° 00’ west from Ca Gull; thenm south following said line to the shore line at Cape goull; thence west following the shore line of the coast to a point directly below the tria lation station, situated on the bluff at Cape Kubugakli; thence upniiia bluff to the said station, the point of beginning; embracing approximately 1 ,700 uare miles of land, as shown upon the diagram hereto attached and msgde a part of this proclamation. R°°°"'°‘* "°”‘ ’°" Warning is hereby 'ven to all unauthorized persons not to a reu°mm'm` priate or injure any xilitural feature of this monument or to y, exupgpit, settle, or locate upon any of the lands reserved by this _ p amation.

,§§§§ The Director of the National Park Service, under the direction

¤’$:l¤;*¤¤¤m of the Secretary of the Interior, shall have the supervision, manage- ' '°' ° ment, and control of this monument, as Iprovided in the Act of Congress entitled "An Act to establish a ational Park Service, and or other purposes," approved August 25, 1916 (39 Stat., 535). glu wtlgeireéof htzvg hacgicgpnito set my hand and caused the se 0 the m tates e e . DONE in the District of Columbia This twenty-fourth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand nine [smA1...] hundred and e?hteen, and of the Inde endence of the United States o America the one hundred) and forty-third, Woonaow Wnsou By the President: Ronmrr LANSING Secretary of Stale. 0<=¢<>¤¤= 10- 1915- Br rim Pansmnwr or rm; Uurrnn STATES or Amnmca A PROCLAMATION R¢sf¤¢¤¤i·>¤ ¤¤v.i¤ WHEREAS Co has enacted and the President has, on the gggu bg www thirty-first day of Eugust, one thousand nine hundred and eighteen, A,,,,“{“,,_-;6_ a proved an Act amending the Act approved May e‘ hteen, one tgousand nine hundred and seventeen. lg