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1294 SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 124. 1921. mggt OM D¤r>¤¢· POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. l’°°*m°S‘°' G°“°'°’* OFFICE, Posruasrnn GENERAL: Postmaster General, $12,000; chief dnetclerk,etc. _ _ , clerk, including $500 as superintendent of buildings, $4,000; private secretary, $2,500; drsbursrng clerk, $2,250; appointment clerk, $2,000; Cm f, mm ub assistant to chief clerk, $2,000; confidential clerk to Postmaster eu¤sxrig1:§S£rr,e¢é.p General, $2,000; chairman, board_ of inspection, $2,000; chief inspecter, $4,000; chief clerk to chief mspector, $2,000; purchasing agent, $4,000; chief clerk to purchasing agent, $2,000; assistant attomeys—0ne $4,500, one $3,500, two at $2,750 each, one $2,500, G1¤rk¤.<>w· one $2,000;dbond exagnirier, 02,500; lalyv cg-irki, $1d800; clerks——pne hundred an sixteen 0 c ass our one un e an seventy of c ass three, two hundred and sixty-eightpf class two, three hrmdred and ten of class one, one hundred an thirty-eight at $1,000 each, twenty- six at $900 each; skilled draftsmen—one $2,000, three at $1,800 each, eight at $1,600 each,_five at $1,400 each, seven at $1,200 each; map mounter, $1,200; assistant map mounter, $1,000; blue printer, $000; t tblu te $840telgrph $1400 tp te p , assrsan epnn r, ; e a er, , ;yewr1 rre au·er ,,,,,’§,§’§’,;,,,‘§,‘§°”' $01,200; phreeustelepléggg swilt;cl;h<£trd operators; six hrpessengerz, c arge 0 ma a eac ; y messen ers; er een assis an messengers; captain of the watch, $1,200; adchtionalio three watchmen acting as lreutenants of watchmen, at _$120 each; thirty-four watchman; tw; engineers, at _$1,200 each; nme assistant engineers, at $1,0i00 eac , two blacksmiths or steam fitters, at $1,000 each; three 0 ers, at $840 each , sixteen Bremen; twenty elevator conductors, at $720 each; chief engrneer, $1,600; assrstant electricians--two at $1,200 each, three at $1,000 each; two dynamo tenders, at $900 each; m·c¤p¤ms,abu¤, ca.r;penters—0ne $1,600, one $1,200, two at $1,000 each; plasterer an mason, $1,200, awning maker, $1,000; pa1nters——one $1,200, one $1,000; plumbers—one $1,200, one $1,000; laborers—foreman $900, assistant foreman $840, two at $840 each, seventy-eight at $720 each, four at $660 each; female laborers-one $540, three at $500 each, seven at $480 each; fifty-eight charwomen; actual and necessary expenses of the purchasing agent whrle traveling on business of the cum on { department, $500; m all, 1,710,430. _ ,,,,,m,,,,,,,,_ or the following force authorized by the Post Office Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1917 and heretofore aid from the appropriation for railroad transportatron, namely: Clerks—_two of class four, two g§6cg).ss three, ten of class two, and forty-six of class one; in all, ,,j;‘Q,¥‘,§“*‘“‘°“'*’ °' In making readaipstments herermder, the salary of any clerk in any class may be ed by the Postmaster General at $100 below the salary fixed y law for_ such class and the unused portion of such salary shall be used to increase the salary of any clerk in an class sm to bu- pgrltrt edltglgrgto lriglncit laps thtzn EGOO agovifaplhe salary fixed by law ,.,,,;,,,_ suc . e r ner s ass' to th ral bureaus, omces, and dIV1.S}.0I1S· of the Post Office lgispartmgnsfgich number of the employees herem_author1zed as may be necessary to perform the work requrred therein; and he shall submit a statement ghowjmgsuch assignments and the_ number employed at the various salaries gg ix,r;0g§00l]g;>f Estrmztes following the estimates for C8 gn _ u§§*-***"“Q?,,‘£§”:t Owncz, Fmsr ltssrsram Eosruasrmra Grammar.; First Assistant crvsxlilwriri. P°°tFmSl'°r @$221 ggloef 0101% $2,500 ; division of post office _ P , _ , assistant superintendent $3,000, c1erk_m charge $2,250, two 8·SS1St8H$ superintendents at $2 000 each' drwrsron of postmaster?} appointments-—superintendent $2i 000 twd asmtant supermtend6I1tS at $2,000 each; superintendent; diivision zfu $2,500; Glllef, dlvnsmn of , $2,000; ill