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SIXTY·SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 124. 1921. 1295 Orricn, Sncomi ASSISTANT POSTMASTER GENERAL: Second Assist- Pfsgglggg G*‘gj§;,°¤° ant Postmaster General, $5,000; chief clerk, $2,500; division of rail- seperi¤ie¤¤ms `or way adjustments——superintendent $3,000, assistant superintendent °"‘s‘°“s’"°‘ $2,250; division of foreign mails——superintendent $3,000, assistant superintendent $2,000; division of railway mail service-general superintendent $4,000, assistant general superintendent $3,500, chief clerk $2,000; in all, $27,250. Third Assistant Orrron, Tnmn ASSISTANT Posrmsrnn GENERAL: Third Assistant Postmaster cenmi. Postmaster General, $5,000; chief clerk, $2,500; division of postal di§}‘S¥§§‘§t,§'@?°°” °t savings—director $4,800, assistant director $3,000, chief clerk $2,500, clerk in charge of administrative section, and clerk in charge of audit section, at $2,000 each; superintendents of divisions——stamps· $2,750, finance (who shall ive bond in such amount as the Postmaster General may determine lor the faithful discharge of his duties) $2,250, classmcation $2,750, registered mails $2,500, money orders $2,750; chief clerk, division of money orders, $2,250; in all, $37,050. Fourth Assistant Orrrcn, Founrn ASSISTANT Posrmsrnn GENERAL: Fourth Assist- ristmsm omni. ant Postmaster General, $5,000; chief clerk, $2,500; division of rural d§}‘§§¤",f$'@$1°“°’ °f mails—su(perintendent $3,000, chief clerk $2,000; division of equipment an supplies—su5erintendent $3,000, chief clerk $2,000; togxographer, $2,400; in l, $19,900. otal salaries, $1,902,880. _ CoN·rrNoENr EXPENSES, Posr Orrrcm DEPABT@NT2 For stationery °§’€,‘},,'§§,‘;‘§§,?‘p°“S“‘ and blank books, index and guide cards, folders, and binding devices, including purchase of free penalty envelopes, $30,000. _ For fue and repairs to heating, lighting, ice, and power plant Hmm'; p1‘“‘t°' °t°` includin repairs to elevators, purchase an exchange of tools, and electrical supplies, and remova of ashes, $60,000. Mcgmpmg For telegraphing, $6,500. Vemc,BS_ For purchase, exchange, hire, and maintenance of horses and horse-drawn and motor-driven passenger-carrying vehicles and repair homo of vehicles, including motor trucks and harness, $3,100: Provided, Delivery of Army That the Secretary of War shall transfer without payment therefor "“°k‘ to the Postmaster General for use of the Post Omce Department a one—ton motor truck. Rm For rent of stables, $500. For miscellaneous items, including purchase, exchange, and repair ' of typewriteis, adding machines, and other labor·saving devices; street car fares not exceeding $540; plumbing; floor coverings; postage stamps for correspondence addressed abroad which is not excm t under article 11 of the Rome convention of the Universal Postall Union, $50,000, of which sum not exceeding $13,000 may be expended for teleplhone service, and not exceeding $1,800 maty be expended for purc ase and exchange of law books, book of re - erence, railwa guides, city directories, books necessary to conduct the businms oi? the de artment ; and repairs to department buildings. Farm For furniture and filing cabinets, $8,500. Om l"i’°;_°‘ ul For publication of copies of the Omcial Postal Guide, $125,000. e¤ias.°" °° And the Postmaster General may authorize the sale to the public of Omcial Postal Guides at the total cost thereof, the proceeds of such sale to be covered into the Treasury as a miscellaneous receipt. Hm mn ,0 my For reimbursement of the Government Printing Office for the cost Pc§;i<1:_1it1;ceB¤ild%¤p. _ of furnishing steam for heating and electric current for lighting and '""*“°“ °' power to the Post Omce Department Building at Massachusetts Avenue and North Capitol Street, District of Co umbia, $45,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary. ?,,,,,m,,,.,,,c,,,,,,,,,,_, Appropriations made for the service of the Post Omce Department ;>°r:¤]g¤¤ ¤¤=;g1{><¤¤¤·=¤1 in conformity with the Act of July 2, 1836, shall not be exipended for vas, p. se. “ an of the purposes herein provided for on account o the Post Omoo Department in the District of Columbia.