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658 SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 214. 1920.

png 1,§g;,1<
)%e $1,250, seven at $1,000 each; private secretary, $1,400;

in , , . For wages of workmen and other employees $170,000.

    • ""·*’·°5‘· For incidental and contingent expenses, including new machinery

and repairs, wastage in the melting and d artmeut, and loss _ on sale of swee s arising from the treatment 0 biillion, $150,000. ”°‘*’**“°°‘°Y·U**”- Sam Lam: Cl)·rr Umn, assar ormon: Assayer in charge, who shall also perform the duties of melter, chief clerk and cashier, $1,800; for services of workmen and other employees, $1,500; for incidental and contmgent epénenses, $600; in all, $3,900. · _ ¤•·¢¤¤» WM Smnm, asncmrrron, assar orrrcn: Assayerm charge, who shall also perform the duties of melter, $2,750; assistant assayer, $2,000; clnef clerk, who shall also perform the duties of cashier, $2,000; clerks—one $1,700, one $1,600, one $1,400; in all, $11,450. For wages of workmen, and other employees, $15,000. $5I;<51£) incidental and contingent expenses, mcluding rent of building, WM ¤¤¤¤¤¤=¤¤¢- , WAR DEPARTMENT. “§§°,§°,,*§"’;,A,§‘“*‘§?h’§§; Orrrcn or rm: Smcnaranrc Secretary of War, $12,000; Assistant ¢*¤;§;*;b .,64 lm Secretary, $5 000; assistant and chief clerk, who shall sign such official ’ ’ papers and documents as the Secretary may direct, $4,000; private secretary to the Secretary, $2,500; clerk to the Secretar§;w$2,000; _ stenographer to the Secretary, $2,000· clerk to the Assistant retary, c,°,c';:‘g“;_’* d*"‘S*°¤¤· $2,400; assistant chief clerk, $2,400· disbursing clerk, $2,750; appointment clerk, $2 250; four chiefs of divisions, at $2,000 each; superintendent of outside of State, War, and N ax? Department Buildxg, in addition to compensation as chief of ivision, $500; chief egrapher, $1,800; clerks—six of class four, seven of class three, fifteen of class two, twenty of class one, five at $1,000 each, two at $900 each; foreman, $1,200; ca1penters—one $1,200, one $1,080; chief messenger, $1,000; skilled la orer, $1,080; six messengers; nine assistant messengers; two telephone switchboard operators; eight laborers; two chauffeurs, at $840 each; in all, $146,880. 62}:°mP°"°"Y °mP1°?‘ TQBQKPOBABY EMPLOYEES: FOI' the temip01‘8.1‘y cmployméhli of such additional force of clerks and other employees as in the judgment of the Secretaig of War may be proper and necessary to the vprompt, efficient, an accurate dispatch 0 official business in the ar Department and its bureaus, to be allotted by the Secretary of War ggviiag except as otherwise plrovided herein, $3,000,000: Provided, That the .,7 .,,¥§¤§,,.,§f“§€5°?§ Secretary of War sha submit to Congress on the first day of its next ba ¤¤¤¤¤¤=¤d· regular session a statement showing by bureaus or omces the number ul m t t Wu and designation of the persons employed hereunder and the annual ,_,;,, 3,;,,§Q,,·,‘2,,3,,._ ° rate of compensation paid to each: Provided further, That $1,850,000 of the foregioing sum shall be allotted to the Office of The Adjutant General an such portion thereof as may not be needed in that office shall not be allotted to any other office but shall lapse and be covered Wgjggg °;§;*{,$_g{§g· into the Treasury: Provided further, That applropriations contained pcpggiigr gggtrgggcd. in any other Act for the fiscal_ year 1921 sha not be used for the

  • ‘ ‘ ‘ gayment of civilian Erésonnel in the bureaus or offices of the War

epartment in the trict of Columbia except such as may be authorized by this Act or as may be appropriated for the Army War College and Office of theChief of Staff in the Army Appro riation Act and the_Board of Ordnance and Fortification in the lgortiiication Poyr¤St1‘i¤ti¤¤· Appropriation Act: Provided further, That no person shall be paid from said sum of $3,000,000 at a rate of com nsation exceeding omce anmzmuea $1,800 per annum cylccpt the following; OfHoe ofpeSgc;·cm;-y of Wal-. one at $3,500 (audit of Red Cross accounts), one at $3,000 (audit of Red Cross accounts), four at $2,750 each (audit of Red Cross accounts), two at $2,500 each, two at $2,200 each, one at $2,000;