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SIXTY·SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 214. 1920. 659 Oifice of The Adjutant General-six at $2,400 each, two at $2,000 each; Office of Inspector General—one at $2,000; Office of Director of Finance——one at $5,000, one at $2,000; Motor Transport Corps-— one at $2,400. _ The American National Red Cross annually shall reimburse the $'§§,F‘,$§‘,g,I§E;lu(§‘?,§?; War Department for auditing the accounts of the American National '°’¤¤dm¤€ ¤°°°°¤*¤· Red Cross, as required by the Act approved February 27, 1917, and the sum so paid shall be covered into the Treasury of the United States as a miscellaneous receipt. _ , A1>.1U·rAN·r GENERALIS Ormcmz Chief clerk, $2,750; ten chiefs of 0,§§§{"°"° °'°”°"“° divisions, at $2,000 each; clerks—fi:fty-eight of class four, seventy- four of class three, one hundred and sixteen of class two, two hundred and thirty-one of class one, ninety-three at $1,000 each; enineer, $1,400; assistant engineer, $900; two firemen; skilled mec anic, $1,000; eleven messengers; sixty-one assistant messengers; four watchmen; twenty-one laborers; in all, $852,790; all employees provided for by par:Er:ph for The Adjutant General’s Office of the War Department be exclusively engaged on the work of this office for the fiscal year 1921. I Ormcn or Insmwron GENERAL: Clerks—one of class four, two of O§,",,’§°°°°' °°“°"““ class three, three of class two, four of class ongb two {al? $1,000 gach; messen er; assistant messenger; messenger, $6 ;in , $18,16 . Orrrgn or Jones Anvocxm GENERAL: Chief clerk and solicitor, c•ii1:$1°sAo°inY¤»°Z°°t° $2,500; law·clerks——one $2,400, one $2,000; clerks—two of class four, three of cglassthphree, four of class two, eight of classauone, two at $1,000 eac ; ee messengers; assistant messenger; in , $35,740. . Srciur. 01·*r1cE: Chief clerk, $2,000; clerks-four of class four, Sim cum three of class three, five of class two, eight of class one, nine at $1,000 each; live messengers; three assistant messengers; in all, $45960- snuea drattsmen The services of skilled draftsmen and such other services as the ¤¢¤- Secretary of War may deem necessary may be employed only in the Signal Office to carry into effect the various appropriations for fortifications and other works of defense, and for the Signal Service of the Army, to be paid from such appropriations, in addition to the p,.,,r,,_ foregoing employees appropriated or in the Signal Office; Provided, Um”·°*°· That the entire expendituresfor this gcugpose for the fiscal year 1921 shall not exceed $53,280, and the retary of War shall each year in the annual estimates report to Congress the number of persons so employed, their duties, and the amount gaid to each. q.,,,,,.,,,m,.,, Gm. Orrrcn or QUABTERMASTER GENERAL: hief clerk, $2,750%prin- °”"’°m°°· cipal cler·ks—five at $2,250 each, three at $2,000 each; clerks- teen o class four, twenty-nine of class three, fifty of class two, ninety- three of class one, thu·ty—mne at $1,000 each, ten at $900 eac ; draftsmen—three at $1,800 each, seven at $1,600 each, five at $1,400 each; hydraulic and sanitary engineer, $2,000; civil engineer, $1,800; electrical engineer, $2,000; e ectrrcal and mechanical engineer, $2,250; marine engineer, $3,500;_sa.mtary and heating engineer, $1,800; six messengers; fourteen assistant messengers; twelve laborers; laborer, $600; 111 8.ll, $383,590. Surgeon Gsmmrs Orrres or Smzenou GnN_r:nAL: Chief clerk, $2,250; principal °m°°· assistant librarian, $2,250; principal clerk, $2,000; chemist, $2,100; assistant chemist, $1,600; pathologist, $1,800; microscopist, $1,800; assistant librarian, $1,800; anatomist, $1,600; entomolo t, $1,600; photographer, $1,500;_ two translators at $1,800 each; cTi;·ks—·fourteen of c ass four, thirteen of class three, twenty-six of class two, thi1;ty-six of class one, thirteen at $1,000 each, two at $900 each; engineer, $1,40.0; skilled mechanic, $1,000; two messengers; eleven assistant messengers; three iiremen; three watchman; superintendent