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S1x*rr-S1xrH CONGRESS. Sess. 11. GH. 217. 1920. 699 provide inspection of tuberculous animals and for compensation to owners of animals so destroyed, but no part of the money hereby m§;*f;*i¤*i°¤¤°¤P¤Y- appropriated shall be used in compensating owners of such animals ` except in cooperation with and supplementary to pa ents to be made by State, Territory], county, or municipality whgie condemnation of such animals s all take place; nor shall any payment be made hereunder as compensation for or on account of any such animal destroyed if at the time of inspection or test of such animal, or at the time of condemnation thereof, it shall belong to or be upon the premises of any person, firm, or corporation, to which it has been sold, shipped, or delivered for the purpose of being slaughtered: Provided further, 'l`hat out of the monply hereby apipropriated no t_L*mit<>¤ compensapayment as comipensation for any tuberc ous animal estroyed shall `°°` exceed one-thir of the difference between the ap raised value of such animal and the value of the salva e thereof; that no ayment hereunder shall exceed the amount paidg or to be paid by tlile State, Territory, county, or municipality, where the ammal shall be condemned; and that in no case shall any payment hereunder be more than $25 for any grade animal or more that $50 for any pure-bred animal, and no payment shall be made unless the owner has complied _ _ with all lawful quarantine regulations: Ami provided further, That d,§}§§’,}{§§,,{Q§ f§·‘;',,‘{j the Act a proved May 29, 1884 (Twenty-third Statutes at Large, 11$g2e¤¢;¤i¤e¢¤¢¤ber— page 31), lie, and the same is hereby, amended to permit hereafter ° vo1.$:i,i§.s2,amea¤- cattle which have reacted to the tuberculin test to be shipped, trans- °d· ported, or moved from one State, Territory, or the District of Columia, to any other State, Territory, or the District of Columbia, for immediate slaughter, in accordance with such rules and regulations as shall be prescribed by the Secretary of Agriculture: And provided _ _ further, That hereafter the Secretary of Agriculture may, in his ,,c§§,Sb*,§§‘f'§,d*§,,,,;’f,,,{.‘€: discretion, and under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, g*gg$*§ejg,>ye’§¤¤» elpermit cattle which have been shippedl for breeding or feeding pur- ` poses from one State, Territory, or the District of Columbia to another State, Territory, or the District of Columbia, and which have reacted to the tnberculin test subsequent to such shipment, to be reshi ped in interstate commerce to the original owner; _ Y For all necessary expenses for the eradication of southern cattle ,,._,S§}L2{$§§,‘Y“°'1°"°"S ticks, $681,160: Promkled, That no part of this appro riation shall be 0, mm used fO1’ the purchase of animals or m the purchase ofp materials for or m1¤,¤:c.,nmz¤¤d. in the construction of dipiping vats upon land not owned solely by the United States, except at airs or expositions where the Department of Agriculture makes exhibits or demonstrations; nor shall any part of this appropriation be used in_the purchase of materials or mixtures for use in dip ing vats except in experimental or demonstration work carried on lay the officials or agents_of the Bureau of Animal Industry; For all necessary expenses foljinvestigations and ex eriments in D°*’Y*¤d“$*"¥’· dairy industry, cooperative investigations of the dairy industry in the various States, inspection of renovated-butter factories and markets, $325,000; . For all necessary expenses for investigations and experiments in $<ii¥g,m’§E»x§¤Y§ animal husbandry; for experiments in animal feeding and breeding, °‘°·>°XP°’im°'·"S· including cooperation with the State agricultural experiment stations, including repairs and additions to and erection of absolutely necessary to carry on the experiments, including the emplo ent of labor in the city of Washmgton and elsewhere, rent outsidgnof the District of Columbia, and all other necessary expenses, $302,820: Provided, That of the sum thus a propriated $20,000 may be used for §{,°,'§Q;’§‘;,,,. ,,,,,,,_,,.,, experiments in the breeding andpmamtenance of horses for military P¤1’P°9°$· ` purposes: Provided further, That of the sum thus appropriated roam;. $58,640 may be used for ex eriments in poultry feeding an breedmg: _,__ 6 Um t Provided further, That of the sum thus appropriated $8,0(K) may_be S·,1§t'a$lfl°xuali»li. X u used for the equipment of the United States sheep experiment station