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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 217. 1920. 705 packages of such weight as the Secretary of Agriculture and the ostmaster General may jointly determine: Provided, however, That mg-(i;ii>gziiai»;e:P° upon each envelo e or wrapper containing packages of seeds the contents thereof shall be plainly indicated, and the Secretary shall not distribute to any Senator, Representative, or Delegate seeds S°l°°u°"’°t°‘ entirely unfit for the climate and locality he represents, but shall distribute the same so that each Member may have seeds of equal value, as near as may be, and the best ada ted to the locality he _ represents: Provided also, That the seeds alfdtted to Senators and ¢¤%i¤iiZ¤i°°th°m dr Representatives for distribution in the districts embraced within the twenty-fifth and thirty-fourth arallels of latitude shall be read for _ _ delivery not later than the 10th day of January: Provided also, fhat c,§`Q§t§,l2l§S§{’,u§,{,,'¥" any portion of the allotments to Senators, Representatives, and Dele ates in Congress rema` uncalled for on the lst day of a April shall be distributed by the Secretary of Agriculture, giving preference to those persons whose names and ad esses have been urnished b Senators and Representatives in Con ess and who have not befbre during the same season been su liediiy the department: And provokled also, That the Secretary shalilpreport, as provided B,§°P°“ °‘P'¤'°h°$°°· in this Act, the place, quantity, and Elriceo seeds purchased, and the date of purchase; but nothing in t 's paragraph shall be construed to prevent the Secretary of Agriculture from sending seeds to those D. . who apply for the same. A11 the amount herein appro riated shall pm}ll§§s*;K¥m‘Z{d§§P” not be diverted or used for any other purpose but or theupurchase, testing, propagation, and distribution of valuable seeds, b bs, mulberry and other rare and valuable trees, shrubs, vines, cuttings, and plants. Total for Bureau of Plant Industry, $2,764,978. ronnsr smzvrcr:. F°"’“ S°"*°°· SAr.Amms, Fonssr Sranvrcm: One forester, who shall be chief of pei)»iil$¤g¤iio.m°t°r’ W bureau, $5,000; one chief of office of accounts and fiscal agent, $2,500 ; one inspector of records, $2,400; even district fiscal agents, at $2,120 each; one forest supervisor, $3,240; one forest supervisor, $2,880; eight forest supervisors, at $2,500 each; sbrteen forest supervisors, at $2,380 each; forty-four forest supervisors, at $2,180 each; sixty forest supervisors, at $1,980 each; irve forest su ervisors, at $1,780 each; one deputy forest supervisor, $1,980; four dhputy forest supervisors, at $1,880 each; twenty-five deputy forest supervisors, at $1,780 each; twenty-eight deputy forest supervisors, at $1,680 each; fifteen deputy forest supervisors, at $1,580 each; eleven forest R°“""‘·°°“ rangers, at $1,620 each; twenty-three forest ran ers, at $1,520 each; seventy-eight forest rangers, at $1,420 each; twoghundred and eighty- eight forest rangers, at $1.320 each; five hundred and ninety forest rangers, at $1,220 each; one clerk, $2,100; fom clerks, at $2,000 each; °*¤*¤»¤*¤· nineteen clerks, at $1,800 each; twent —one clerks, at $1,600 each; nine clerks, at $1,500 each; twenty-tliree clerks, at $1,400 each; nine clerks, at $1,300 each; one hundred and thirty-eight clerks, at $1,200 each; ninety-five clerks, at $1,100 each; fifty-four clerks, at $1,020 each; thirty clerks, at $960 each; one hundred clerks, at $900 each; two clerks, at $840 each; one clerk, $600; one clerk or proof reader, $1,400; one clerk or translator, $1,400; one compiler, $1,800; D M one draftsman, $2,000; two draftsmen or surveyors, at $1,800 each; H E ’ three draftsmen, at $1,600 each; one clerk or compositor, $1,600; three draftsmen or surveyors, at $1,600 each; sixteen draftsmen or surveyors, at $1,500 each; six draftsmen or surveyors, at $1,400 each; two draftsmen, at $1,500 each; nine draftsmen, at 1,400 each; four draftsmen, at $1,300 each; sixteen draftsmen, at $1,200 each; two draftsmen, at $1,100 each; three draftsmen, at $1,020 each; one