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1668 ARBITRATION AGREEL<£ENT—NETHERLANDS. MARCH 8, 1919. ARTICLE II. ARTIKEL II. u0E§°h°”¤° °'”tm°°‘ The present Agreement shall Dit verdrag zal Worden be-‘ ' be ratined by the President of the krachtigd door den President der United States of America, by and Vereemgde Staten van Amerilra, with the advice and consent of op advies en met goedkeurmg the Senate thereof, and by Her van derzelver Senaat, en Hare Majesty the Queen of the Nether- Majesteit de Konmgin der Nederlands, and it shall become effec- landen, en het zal in werking tive upon the fourteenth day after treden op den veertienden dag na the date of the exchan e of rati- de uitwisseling der akten van befications which shall taie place at krachtiging, wellxe zoo spoedig Washington as soon as possible. rfliolgglij te Washington zal plaats e n. S‘°‘“‘“"’· Done in duplicate at Washing- Gedaan in dubbel te Washington, in the English and Dutch ton, in de Engelsche en Nederlanguages, this eighth day of landsche talen, den 8 Maart, March, one thousand nine hun- negentien honderd en negentien. dred and nineteen. [sum,.] FRANK L. Pom; [san,.] J. T. Cmumn ,,,§,,@E{f°’"°“s °x' And whereas the said Agreement has been duly ratified on both parts, and the ratiiications of the two Governments were exchanged in the City of _Washington, on the twenty-second day of August, P ti one thousand nme hundred and nineteen; I °”‘ Now, therefore, be it known that I, Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States of America, have caused the said Agreement to be made public to the end that the same and ever article and clause thereof may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done in the District of Columbia this twenty—Iifth day of August m the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and [SEAL.] nineteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and forty-fourth. Woomzow Wmsox By the President: Romzrrr Lnrsmo, Secretary of State.